Good morning from OYIT [Bob Dylan Edition]

By Maddie

Good morning! This is going to be a bit longer than the typical GM post because today is special. If you are bored by this topic not only do I not care if you continue reading, but I don’t care if someone breaks into your home/place of work right now and brutally murders you.

Just kidding! I don’t think anyone deserves to die, even murderers.

Today is Tuesday, April 28th—also known as the day Together Through Life, Bob Dylan’s 33rd studio album, is released. If you’re like me, this is one of the 30 greatest days of your life (Self Portrait, Dylan & the Dead, and Down in the Grove don’t count). Some of you may think Bob Dylan is old and outdated, but he is still very much relevant in today’s modern world—VH1 even named their extremely popular reality show “A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila” after his equally popular 1981 Christian album Shot of Love. That is why today is noteworthy, and why we at OYIT are celebrating by devoting today’s GM post to Bob Dylan, Light of My Life. Plus, how hot is that cover?

Today’s Picture

I love everything about this—the pose, the blonde hair, the beanie, the sweatpants tucked into the Frye boots, the hog. He didn’t let that motorcycle crash of ’66 deter him from getting back on the bike. As Bob has proven throughout the years, when he falls (Dylan), he gets the fuck back up (Planet Waves), and then punches you in the face just because he can (Blood on the Tracks).

Today’s Acoustic Bob Dylan Song
Today’s acoustic Bob Dylan song is Let Me Die in My Footsteps. I have always loved this song because it is very brave, and when I sing along with it I can confuse myself for being brave as well. It isn’t on any of his studio albums, but you can find it on The Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 : Rare And Unreleased, 1961-1991, Disc 1.

Today’s Electric Bob Dylan Song
Today’s electric Bob Dylan song is Visions of Johanna, from Blonde on Blonde. This is an obvious choice since it is only one of the greatest songs of all time. It is also especially relevant for all of you who are obsessed with someone. Actually, you should probably save this song for later, when those visions of your obsession are flooding your mind as you are trying to fall asleep and you just want to die. Maybe that’s just me though.

Today’s Bob Dylan Cover
Today’s Bob Dylan cover is Sonic Youth performing I’m Not There. I know what you’re thinking—Bob Dylan and Sonic Youth?! Can life get any sweeter? “I’m Not There” was a Dylan song recorded with the Band during The Basement Tape sessions, but it was only released to the public on the soundtrack for the 2007 biopic of the same name. The song is amazing, but Sonic Youth recorded it for the soundtrack as well and their version might even be a little better. It is brilliant and you need it in your life.

Today’s Exciting News
It was announced last week that Dylan is going on tour this summer with Willie Nelson (!!!) and John Mellencamp (…). When I saw Dylan in concert, he didn’t say anything to the audience the entire show—in fact, I don’t think he even faced the crowd more than twice. He doesn’t play the guitar anymore, just the harmonica and keyboard, and most of his songs have been reworked so much that they are only recognizable after sifting through his nasal delivery long enough to find a familiar line. That’s okay though. What else would you expect? It’s Bob. I’ve seen Willie twice and loved every minute of both concerts. What’s more fun than getting drunk and singing “Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” with a bunch of idiots? The answer is a lot of things, but it’s still pretty fun. Anyway, I really want to see them. The boys are going to 22 cities, and ideally I would go to each show. I know we have at least 22 readers, so if each of you buy me a ticket, we can make this fantasy a reality.

Today’s Video

How I feel when watching this is how I imagine the son of an abusive father feels when dad asks him to play catch or says something nice out of nowhere. Check out how sweet he is—so uncharacteristic! I dare you to watch this video without saying, “Be still my heart," at least once.

Now that you've finished this post and are feeling the effects of true love for the first time in your life, please put it to good use and buy Together Through Life today—or at least download it illegally. As Dylan’s idol Woody Guthrie wrote, “This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright #154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ours, cause we don't give a darn. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that's all we wanted to do.” Good day and happy listening!


  1. Acoustic Song: He Was a Friend of Mine, I believe off the same album as yours. This song really gets to me because it reminds me of a friend that I used to provide care for that had MR. She died at the age of 31. This song reminds me of her because it is about a man that most people shunned and looked the other way from. And no one would remember except that he was a friend of the singer (not a Dylan original). I remember my friend often, so often it bothers me. Part of it is that I feel guilty because I don't think many other people will remember her. I threw a birthday for her a week before she went into the coma that she would never come out of. Her parents did not want to let her have a birthday party because they had not fully come to terms with their daughter having MR and wanted her to act like a grown-up i.e. not throwing a 31st birthday party with balloons and cake and singing. But I got them to relent, because it was more important to her than anything. And to this day it is my proudest accomplishment. Our friend Glenn was there and he (and Andy, Kris and Alejandra) also played a big role in making one of the best moments in my friend's life. So listen to this and think of my friend who has left us. She had long fuzzy hair, dressed like a 3rd grader and could be the most gregarious person you ever encountered. She would watch the Robin Williams movie RV for like eight hours straight and never stop laughing, even at the parts that weren't meant to be funny if that gives you an idea.

  2. As if there were parts that were meant to be funny...

  3. Electric Song: Sorry to bring everyone down with the last one, my pick for electric is Jokerman off of Infidels. This is probably the most worthwhile Dylan song of the 80s, but it is pretty great. And the music video is probably my favorite of any music video recorded, Dylan or otherwise. That picture with the bird-headed king eating a human-subject who is pooping crows is awesome beyond words.

  4. Cover Song: Look, One of my favorite Dylan songs is Delia (and the album World Gone Wrong is definitely in my top five). Johnny Cash sings a variation of the original Mississippi Delta Blues Blues song Delia Blues. But Johny Cash's version made myGrandpa live an extra fifteen years. So listen to it here

  5. That didn't work so just search for Johnny Cash Delia, or if you haven't heard Bob Dylan's Delia, listen to that first.

  6. this made my morning, maddie. thank you thank you thank you for this - THANK YOU!!!
    i hope to come home and listen to the new album assuming jake's already downloaded it.
    the cover is amazing, btw. makes me want to jump into the nearest dodge challenger and take off cross the sunny country-side.

  7. "he was a friend of mine" is one of my favorites too! dave van ronk has a version that i love even more though. and i'm sorry about your friend. i literally teared up reading that. i'm so happy world gone wrong is one of your favorite dylan cos i LOVE that album. i picked his version of "lone pilgram" as song of the day in a gm post i wrote awhile ago. interesting that you picked "he was a friend of mine," AND "delia," which has the chorus "all the friends i ever had are gone." i'm noticing a disturbing trend!!!!!

  8. your welcome kaleena! i think jake has already downloaded it cos he sent me a link for it last week.

  9. bahaha, Dylan and the Dead DEFINITELY does not count. Although, I enjoyed Self Portrait simply because I could listen to Wigwam all fucking day.

    I'm very excited to see Dylan this summer as well. Great post!

  10. I am going to listen to the new Dylan album today. As Maddie said, I have downloaded this album already about a week ago but have not listened yet. Dylan is great. I love his radio show more than I love my children.

  11. I already know this will be my favorite of Dylan's posthumous albums.

  12. I've seen BD twice. Once in Cape Girardeau in 2001 where he played guitar during two sets. He really didn't move on stage during the first set, but during the second he spoke and moved his hips a little. great show though.

    I saw him at Bonaroo in 2004 after Wilco opened up for him on the main stage. He played piano and harmonica and dumb people were yelling for him to play guitar. I was like "he's Bob Dylan! He can play whatever he wants! And he's not that good of guitar player anyway!" That was a great show too.

  13. Visions of Johanna - a very slow boog-a-loo that I've not listened to for several decades - and it's in my head almost every day