Hold Me, Like the River Jordan

By Maddie

Good morning. It's Monday. Monday...hmm, Wilco has a song called "Monday." So do the Mamas & the Papas, but I think I've already referenced that in a GM post. It's hard to come up with new material for GM posts. There's only so many times you can say the same thing in different ways and still have the 6 or so people who read this site think you're relevant.


"After the Gold Rush" is my favorite song by Neil Young. Give it a listen if you like great songs.

Long Live the King
I've played Will You Be There at least 7 times a day since Michael Jackson passed away last week. I always felt sorry for him. Sure, he was weird, creepy, and maybe a child molester (HE WAS FOUND NOT GUILTY BY A JURY OF HIS PEERS, IN CASE YOU'VE FORGOTTEN), but he had a terrible father and lived under incredible scrutiny. Plus, if it weren't for him, we wouldn't have stand-up people like Chris Brown on the scene today. To be honest, I kind of forgot he was alive, but now that I know he's gone, I really wish he wasn't. Perhaps former South Korean President Kim Dae-jung said it best: “We lost a hero of the world.” Okay...so maybe not a "hero of the world," but at least a fine musician

Who doesn't love this song? If you don't, then you are possibly a sociopath and definitely someone I don't want to be friends with.

While We're on the Topic of Death
RIP Billy Mays. I did a science project on Oxyclean in the 8th grade with my dear friend Drea. I forget the results, and we either got a C- or D+, but I still love Oxyclean and Oxycontin and infomercials in general.

While We're on the Topic of Death, pt 2
Why are so many famous people dying???


Can we just soak this in? It sort of makes up for all the death in the world. Have a great Monday everyone, and please, please don't let anybody else die - today or ever.


  1. Thanks Maddie, this was great. I feel the same way as you about trying to keep the GM article fresh. The only way to truly keep it fresh is to get experimental or write it like it was beat poetry.

  2. That picture of a baby pig symbolizes death to me.

    Between your protestations of innocence and reading MJ's wiki I really do think that he was innocent.

  3. I also agree that he was innocent.