A Hard Day's Morning

By Maddie

Why, hello! Fancy seeing you here. Please shield your eyes - I'm getting ready for work and am not quite dressed yet.

Okay, I'm finished. You can look now!

On This Day in 1964...

The soundtrack for A Hard Day's Night was released! Here's a video of "If I Fell," my favorite song on the album.

Did You Know...
The Beatles recorded the entire soundtrack in one day? Can you imagine if that were your life? Like, if instead of waking up 13 minutes late, arriving at work 4 minutes early, spilling coffee down your dress, failing to find the right statistics on the gender wage gap, walking home in the rain, showering (+ forgetting to shave your legs), watching cat videos on YouTube, and crying yourself to sleep, you spent your day making a landmark album?

I'm Sure You Know...

"I Want You (She's So Heavy)," which is basically sexual tension in song form. Listen to it as you think of the object of your desire (I'm looking at you, Abe Vigoda).

Can You...
Spot my name on the Abbey Road wall?



  1. Awesome post. I didn't look away and saw you naked. It was hot. Plus I saw your name on the Abbey Road wall. Today is the best day of my life!

  2. Wow, only 1 comment. Fuck that noise.

  3. haha, jake. you're the best.

  4. bet you thought i wouldn't read that huh? well i did - and all i have to say is, i've seen maddie naked more than both of you could even imagine.
    i wish i'd read this post when it originally was aired (or posted) but it is proving to be a classic so wow....what a fab post you fab bird!