Good Morning [joint edition]

By Maddie and Glenn

Good Wednesday, readers! Last night Jake got drunk and asked if I would write the good morning post for today. I said yes because it's my duty - once you sign up to be a writer for OYIT, if someone gets drunk and asks you to write the GM post, you are contractually obligated to do so. You're also contractually obligated to get a tattoo that says, "the Few, the Proud," but I haven't decided where to get mine yet.

This is written by Maddie, so was the opening
I attended All Points West music festival in Jersey City last weekend. It was so much fun PLUS I got to see my favorite band Tool. That's a joke. I hate Tool. (That's not entirely accurate - I've never listened to Tool, but I'm still 99.4% positive that I hate them.) I actually did get to see my real favorite band, Arctic Monkeys. Hmm, who else? Oh, Fleet Foxes, My Bloody Valentine and Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Karen O is so hot. I used to want to be exactly like her, but then I realized I wasn't half-Korean and would look terrible with bangs. MGMT were good, the Black Keys were great. Neko Case was fun and Jay Z was Jay Z. Coldplay headlined on Sunday night. I kind of wanted to see them, but then I decided it would be super embarrassing to fall asleep standing up at a rock concert.

I'll never tired of "Maps." This isn't the best video, but they played the song right after it stopped raining as the sun went down. If I was capable of human emotions, I would have been very moved.

Today's Exciting Guitar News by Glenn
My humble and magnificent co-worker Aaron leaves his guitar in the office so I can play myself to sleep on these lonely North Dakotan nights. The exciting news is that he showed me how to use his CAPO. A capo is like a torture device for a guitar. It increases pitch and allows you to play Bright Eyes songs. I'm used to using one that looks like this: but Aaron finally showed me how to use his, which looks a lot more like this: . Request your next capo-required song in the comments and I'll post it here soon. Maddie keeps requesting "Miami" by Will Smith but that's all bass.

Good morning everyone. This is the First Day Of Your Life.


  1. I saw A Perfect Circle (with that fucker from Tool) once and and it was easily the worst moment of my life, and my life has been pretty terrible most of the time. I just kept screaming, "dat fuckers in Tool!!!" the whole time.

    The Mars Volta opened (the reason I went and it was free for me) and when I went outside after their set some guy gave a scathing review of thier performance. "that shitty music with that mexican tight pants wearing James Brown dancing fag..."

  2. Haha! That is a scathing review. We should do an article about the terrible bands we've seen live. I've seen: Incubus, 311, Sugar Ray, Slipknot, System of a Down, ICP, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Plain White T's (or is it 'Tees'? This was in 2000 or 2001 before people "liked" them). Also, The Walkmen. I fucking hate the Walkmen. They're as boring as Coldplay, in my opinion. People like the Walkmen, but I don't get it.

    I'm incredibly jealous that you saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's Blitz album is my favorite from this year so far. They're probably the only band I would go see at this point.

  3. they were so amazing. karen o really is something else!

  4. I love the Walkmen, though not as much as I used to.

  5. i love all the bands you just said (beside the bad ones like tool). it made me like you so much more!

  6. Who is anonymous and who is she referring to?

  7. I was referring to Jake because I love the Plain White T-Shirts so much!!