Good Morning, "Gorgeuos"

By Maddie 

Good morning. It's Tuesday, January 26th. I'm back in New York, which means I'm back to living in an apartment the size of your closet (assuming you have a semi-large walk-in closet), paying $7 for a single beer (that's an exaggeration, kind of), and eating Snickers ice cream bars while crying myself to sleep (some things never change). Classes started yesterday. I'd give you a recap, but it more or less went like this.

Physical Humor is the Best Humor

I love Dave Hill, and out of all of his hilarious videos, this is one of my favorites. It also stars Meredith Scardino, Colbert writer, Emmy winner, and all-around badass.

More Physical Humor

This video from MTV's "Teen Mom" is great for many reasons--the first being the dad (/granddad!) shouting, "SHE LEFT YOU A MESSAGE," the last being the trauma that infant child experiences on a day-to-day basis.

Picture of Gary From "Teen Mom" I Found At a Bar and Stuck On My Friend's Face

Have a great day, everyone! And if you think YOUR day is going badly, just be thankful you're not Bill Clinton on this day in 1998, when he said:

I'm feeling better already.


  1. Maddie, I remember when Bill Clinton admitted to not having sexual relations. You were like 8 at the time!

  2. lily wasn't even born when that happened. Glad to hear all those Snickers ice cream bars are going to good use!

  3. That is my new favorite way of spelling gorgeous. 'Gorgeous' is third. I wish I would magically find more things stuck on my face.