Back in Black

By Maddie 

Good morning!! I apologize for not posting a GM article last week. I had a vasectomy on Monday and then was bedridden for the next six days after catching HPV (be careful, there's a new strain that's airborne). I'm all better now. I just can't have children.

Today's Question
Why is "goodnight" one word and "good morning" two? This isn't a joke, I'm just curious.

Here's to the St8 of Mississippi
On this day in 1870, Mississippi was readmitted to the Union. Many questions may be running through your mind right now like, "When did they leave," "Who let them back," and "Why does Faith No More have a cult following," all of which remain unanswered.
One thing I know for sure is that this is one of my favorite Phil Ochs songs. I think everyone can relate when he sings, "Mississippi, find yourself another country to be part of," even Mississippians. Wait, especially Mississippians--don't they want to secede? Or am I confusing them with Sarah Palin's husband again?

Famous Foto
Iwo Jima is the name of my favorite war battle AND war movie. It's also the name of my third favorite island, behind South Padre (home of my 1st, 4th, and 27th wet T-shirt contest) and the one from Lost.
This photo was taken on this day in 1945. It's 65-years-old. You know what else is 65-years-old? Gary Busey. You don't have to be a photojournalist to see the similarities between these two pictures, although it probably helps (I guess I'm not "technically" a photojournalist, but I do know how to crop a picture in iPhoto). Is this coincidence? Fate? Since fate doesn't exist, it's probably the former, but I'm anxious to hear your take in the comment section.

Happy Birthday to...
W.E.B. DuBois and Dakota Fanning! W.E.B. is dead and Dakota is 15. W.E.B, thanks for founding the NAACP; Dakota, congratulations on turning a year older than me.

Happy Tuesday! And don't forget to watch Lost tonight. This season is crazier than Gary Busey and that one dude you know from Mississippi combined.


  1. Haha! Thanks Maddie!! What a great morning!!!

  2. 1) Today's question was written by Mikey.

    2) Faith No More's album Angel Dust is seriously good. Listen to it Maddie. It's one of the best "metal" albums I've ever heard.

    3) I just downloaded every Bill Hicks special I could find (on video), although I have heard them all before.

    4) I love your GM articles.

  3. I enjoy Bill Hicks, but some of his ticks drive me bonkers.