February 2nd, 2010: Destiny Found

By Maddie 

Good morning, OYIT. Today is February 2nd, 2010, which means one thing: Lost is back. Also, Oscar nominations are out. My early predictions are Inglourious Basterds for Best Picture, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience for Best Adapted Screenplay, Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel) for Best Voice Actor, and Up in the Air for Best Glimpse Into My Future. I can't wait to read Jake and Glenn's take on the subject.

Today is Tomorrow
Today is Groundhog Day. I don't know much about this holiday other than one of my favorite movies is named after it. If you believe an animal can determine the weather, I suggest you Google "Groundhog Day" to find out more. I also suggest you stop being an idiot.

Tonight is the season six premiere of Lost. I am so excited, even though I stopped believing in destiny at the age of nine when the Washington National Airport was renamed the Ronald Reagan National Airport. To that you may ask, "What does that have to do with destiny?" And to that I will answer, "Who gives a shit?! LOST IS BACK!" Will Juliet live? Will Jack be annoying? Will Hurley eat more food? Will Waaaaalt return? Will we learn more about Jacob and the Island's Egyptian-y past? Find out tonight at 9/8PM Central. I just hope Sawyer takes off his shirt.

I Wish I Had a Pizza and a Bottle of Wine
I realize the last section was at best only entertaining to people who like Lost and/or tanned, toned men, and at worst (and most likely) to no one. That's why I'm posting this music video of a bunch twenty-somethings being hot and doing a bunch of things twenty-somethings do, like smoke pot, play frizbee, and lip-sync into flowers.

Watch this video as you regret every decision you made while you were young.

Today's Vaccine
GARDASIL ®!!!! On this day in 2007, Texas became the first state to mandate HPV vaccinations for schoolgirls. I got the vaccine when I was in high school in Missouri, and it gave me autism. Just kidding! I was born with autism.

This is a photo of me waving goodbye to you. You can email me at Maddie@oneyearintexas.com if you'd like to discuss anything further--especially if it's about tonight's episode of Lost, and ESPECIALLY if it's about Sawyer's greased up stomach on tonight's episode of Lost. Have a great day.


  1. This was really great Maddie. A top notch GM.

    I'm glad that you started listening to the Girls. Almost nobody takes my music recommendations, so it makes me happy that at least you did (or maybe did). I want to introduce a new music video article for the weekend (basically as filler). Maybe you can help.


  2. And this is why I love Tuesday mornings!

  3. haha, i have a feeling Anonymous was my room8 drea. jake, i'd love to help you any way i can in every aspect of life. glenn, lost is a television show on the American Broadcasting Company. it's not as good as yo gabba gabba, but you should check it out.

  4. i only watched one episode of "lost" and was disappointed to find that the characters were not on an island. they were in a jewelry store. there was a construction site involved. it made as much sense to me as "diary of a mad black woman" made to my 95 year old grandma.

    why should i watch a show about an island if the island isn't even in it?!?!?

  5. This is my favorite GM from Maddie, yet. I haven't watched Lost yet, but am doing so tomorrow morning after I finish up re-watching season 5. I'm pullin' an all-dayer.

    Predictions: Jack will still be annoying. That is all.

  6. Wow, this made yesterday AND today's morning good@!!

  7. The photo of you waving goodbye just made my morning