Sorry Girls, It's Tuesday

By Maddie 

Hello, OYIT. Welcome to Tuesday, February 9th. On this day in 1964, the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. Let me be upfront: Nothing that cool will happen today. The best we're going to get is Sarah Palin going on a rant about the word "retarded."

Democratic Congressman John Murtha--who I will chose to remember as the outspoken Iraq war critic, and not as the anti-choicer who once co-sponsored the Flag Desecration Amendment--passed away yesterday. Rest in peace (RIP).

Movie Recommendation
I finally got around to seeing Crazy Heart, and I recommend you do, too--and not ONLY because you get to see Colin Farrell do his best Alan Jackson impression, although that's reason enough.This film moved me in a way no film has since Beverly Hills Chihuahua. As my friend and I walked up the escalator to leave the theatre, five minutes after the credits rolled and we collected ourselves, we both broke down crying. This may be reflective of my poor emotional state (don't ask), but because we were BOTH still holding back tears seven minutes later outside of the Broadway-Lafayette Subway station, I think it's more reflective of how touching the movie is. All of my life goals (success, fame, trying every type of cheese, etc.) have been replaced by one: To road trip through Texas, shirtless (again, don't ask), while listening to country western music.

Speaking of Country
George Jones is to country music what Lost (on tonight at 9/8PM Central!!!1) is to science fiction: You don't necessarily have to be a fan of the genre as a whole to see the individual appeal.

"He Stopped Loving Her Today," about a man longing for his ex-lover until his death, is one of the greatest songs ever written. Perhaps YouTube user gardenhillbilly said it best: "who ever gave [this] a thumbs an asshole."

Why, Michael, WHY???
Like Crazy Heart, this Dodge commercial narrated by Michael C. Hall has been on my mind since it aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall of that writing room.
"Can you believe this shit? I have to eat fucking fruit. Yes, you heard me. Fruit."
"Yeah? My wife expects me to answer her phone calls. What the fuck?"
"That's nothing, my wife--yo, get this--my wife has the audacity to ask that I treat her mother as if she were a human being. I know, right?"
"Dude, my wife makes me CLEAN UP AFTER MYSELF. No, I swear! I couldn't make this shit up!"
Ah, sexist advertisements. It's almost as if we're still living in Mad Men times. Happy Tuesday!


  1. I ask Kaleena to pick her shit up all the time...and she never does it!

    Thanks for the story about you crying. It was touching.

  2. My feelings on Murtha are complicated. I loved when he came out against the war but I hated how corrupt he was. I guess that's true for all the celebrities that have died recently: Howard Zinn, Michael Jackson, Cindy Sheehan.

  3. Yay George Jones! I'm seeing Crazy Heart THIS WEEK!!!

  4. Maddie, if you come to Iowa for Valentine's Day, I will wipe away all your tears.

  5. This was terrific, your commercial commentary made me lol at work. That would be a good series - inside the collaborative meetings behind commercials. Maybe Mikey can write it. That may be too meta...