good morning hehehehehehe

By ashlee 

good morning LOL whats up? im tired cos i stayed up till 9 last night watching new moon. i saw it because my mom bought it "on demand" on the tv. i heard my daddy say abortions are also on demand now but idk what abortion is . it sounds like something smart lol kind of a big word. neway idk about u but im team edward lol jacob is kinda ugly but he has a nice body lol. anyway maddie usually writes this thing for tuesday but she's sick with the flu . lol jk thats a joke cos im trying to be funny.

im so happy glen had a kitty in this post yesterday cos i love kitties. heres other kitty. is it just me or do u want to kiss this kitty more than u want to kiss edward the vampire LOL. my mom says if im a good girl i can get a kitty of my own. she also said i have to lose 5 pounds first lol . no more ice cream after dinner :(

hot person lol
omg how hot is justin bieber!!!!!1! he is a singer and he is soooo good. after miley cryus and greenday he is probably my favoorite band. he kinda sounds like usher but he's white so my dad lets me listen to him lol. you should download his songs i promise sooo good.

cool website
ok so i still have parental controls on my aol lol i know soo stupid. the only sites i can visit r, and you should really check out cuteoverloard there r tons of pix of really cute animals.

ok i g2g to school uggggggh ttyl


  1. Thanks Ashlee, you did a great job. Plus, now Mikey and I know who Justin Bieber is.

  2. What is this I don't even

  3. oh ashlee, you're so adorable and yet i worry about you. just remember, strangers that "have kittens in their vans" are really just wanting to rape you. if you don't know what rape is yet ask your father. he'll probably end up explaining abortion to you as well.

  4. Ha!@ Kal. Ashlee, you sound like Mikey's daughter!!

  5. Is this what our nation's youth have come to?

  6. Why isn't ashlee around to talk about Bieber? He's much more popular now.