Ruby Tuesday

By Maddie 

Good morning, Texas! It's March 2nd. Everyone seems to be happy about February ending. Let me be clear: March is at least as bad as February, if not worse. Osama bin Laden, Rupert Murdoch, AND Dane Cook were born in this month. On top of that, Hitler himself (and by "Hitler" I mean "Leno") is back on the air with his Third Reich ("NBC") produced television program The Tonight Show.

OYIT writers Bub, Jake, Glenn, Kaleena, Scott, Beth, Jonathan Lipnicki, and I were all at the same party this weekend. Here's a picture someone took of us:
Please excuse Jake's weird expression. He was really drunk.

To the extent that Glenn and I can be considered OYIT (One Year In Texas), we were also in the same room last night in NYC (New York City). I met a war veteran and he had sex with his friend Stuart outside of the restaurant.

Happy Birthday

I'm posting a 59 second clip because, although I enjoy Doc Watson, now that Nate's a regular writer, we are subjected to more bluegrass in one morning than people from the state of Arkansas are in their entire lifetime. But you should listen to this because it's less than a minute long and it's Doc's birthday. And he's old!! People as old as him deserve recognition for making it this long without killing themselves.

Have a great day! Sorry this article is as bad as Jingle All the Way! I'm also sorry that I just rhymed, but it was the first Sinbad movie that came to mind. I'm too tired to think of something else.


  1. OYIT is so incestual. In fact, we have more incestual relations than anyone in the state of Arkansas will have in their lifetimes!

    Also, I've seen Doc Watson at Bonnaroo before and I used to watch Jingle All the Way all the time!!!

  2. She was your sister @ N8!?

    That pic was a screenshot from our game of chatroulette, except Jonathan Lipnicki isn't masturbating in that one.

    Thanks for the GM Maddie!

  3. I love this article because a)it mentions me and b)it mentions my hero, Sinbad. Although it's the comedian Sinbad and not the heroic sailor.

  4. I love this article because it has a picture from my recent LSD trip. I'm talking about those bears, of course.