By Maddie 

Hello again -- it's me, Maddie. Today is April 27th, 2010. I know what you are thinking -- isn't it National War Veterans' Day in Finland?? Yes, readers, it is. Have any special plans? I'm going to celebrate by learning the difference between Finland and Sweden.

On this day in 1965, journalist Edward R. Murrow passed away. Just think -- without him, we wouldn't have Keith Olbermann. Then who would we have to talk down to us?

Diamonds Are Forever
On this day in 1961, Sierra Leone was granted independence from the UK. Thanks to Kanye West and his song "Diamonds from Sierra Leone," white suburban teens all over the US know about Sierra Leone and their blood diamonds (like the movie Blood Diamond staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou). If you're the kind of person who buys a lot of diamonds, first of all, fuck you. Second, the least you can do is buy your diamonds from here.

Today in Protest Movements
36 years ago, 10,000 people marched on Washington to call for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. This is similar to when 10,000 Tea Party members marched on Washington to call for the impeachment of Barack Obama. Both groups disagreed with the direction the country was headed, disapproved of the corruption in Washington, and didn't believe their respective president was a United States citizen. The similarities don't end there--one of these groups protested because the President broke the law, the other because the President supported reforming a broken health care system. I'd go on, but I don't want to be condescending. I'll save that for Keith Olbermann.

What's Next?
This is the anniversary of the day Apollo 16 returned home after a manned voyage to the moon. I used to have mixed feelings about the subject, but because I'm fickle and change my mind if something gives me goosebumps, I am now in complete favor of space exploration. Watch this West Wing clip and you will be to.

What's Next (for Me Personally)?
Making a fake chicken sandwich and Googling "videos of feral children." We can't all go to the moon. Have a great day!


  1. I have never seen Olberman. I was going to start watching his show, but after this article I am rethinking that.

    Also, Kanye West didn't just teach white teens about blood diamonds, but also black suburbanites, housewives, yuppies and some skinny white girls on cocaine.

  2. haha, no jake. you can/should still watch! i like Olbermann, he just likes himself more.

  3. Solid A! The similarities between Watergate and Healthgate are stark! Though I would have liked to learn more about the differences between Sweden and Finland. I know this major difference - the Swedish language belongs to the Germanic language family like English and Norwegian, but Finnish has its own language family, Finno-Ugric, and is famously hard to master. Hungarian and Estonian are also Finno-Ugric languages as well as Saami which is primarily spoken by reindeers.

  4. Why are people grading this? Bub is right about the the languages but wrong when he implies that Watergate and Healthgate are the same thing. No one was put to death because of Watergate.