20 Things I'd Rather Do Than Write a Good Morning Post

By Maddie 

1. Date my grandmother
2. Visit Arizona as a Latino
3. Visit Arizona in general
4. Wear a toe ring
5. Not be able to finish season two of Friday Night Lights
6. Listen to someone justify the remake of Pink Panther
7. Go a week without listening to LCD Soundsystem's "I Can Change"
8. Take 21 shots on my 21st birthday
9. Listen to Robin Williams do impressions for an hour straight
10. Ghost write Sarah Palin's next book
11. Make my computer background a picture of Idi Amin
12. Swim in the BP oil spill
13. Go to the midnight showing of Marmaduke
14. Drink Muscle Milk
15. Reread Mansfield Park
16. Idolize Brandon Boyd
17. Give a shout out to a fashion designer in my Facebook status
18. Never be able to Google "jonbenet ramsey" ever again
19. Think puns were super funny for a whole day
20. Wish Jeff Dunham a good morning


  1. I love this!

    I hate toe rings! They're so stupid and the women who wear them should be shot into space (in a non-Lance Bass way).

  2. Jake, don't forget your beloved Jennifer Aniston loves toe rings. If she were shot to the moon, who would fill the dead space in entertainment news?

    I added reading this to my list of things I'd rather do than write a GM article :)

  3. Midnight Marmaduke, I'm there!!! Thanks Maddie this was great. Kudos to the Brandon Boyd reference too, I had to Google him, and was shocked I didn't remember who he was. I also loved that there were two sections on his Wikipedia page - 'Life & Career' and 'Tattoos'!

  4. Haha, I almost forgot about Brandon Boyd, which is one of the top 20 things I'd rather do than write a good morning post.

  5. enough credit. We've had some EXCELLENT giggle fits together that lead to uncomfortable saucy moments.

    Ghost writing Sarah Palin's next book would be like instant power. Don't hate.

  6. Muscle Milk is great, actually.

  7. KT goast writing SP's next book = new OYIT series?!?

  8. I will ghost write OYIT as Sarah Palin's ghost writer.