It's Morning

By Maddie 

Good Morning, everyone! This is going to be an abbreviated version of a GM post. I have two papers and a presentation due on Thursday, and I really should be on YouTube procrastinating. The Most Annoying Thing in the World -- next to when people insist on constantly talking about Paris or when people list "working out" as an interest on Facebook -- is when people complain about school work, so I'll stop now and spare you.

The Supremes IRL
Elena Kagan has been selected to replace Justice John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. This is awesome because it's like a real life version of "The Supremes," the 105th episode of the West Wing. Leave your thoughts on Kegan and her nomination in the comment section. I'm as anxious to read your opinions as I am to get my first mammogram.

Happy Birthday to...
The pill! Thank you for preventing unwanted pregnancies, regulating periods, and making me think half of the girls I went to grade school with got boob jobs!

High School Redux
As I recently finished the final season of the West Wing, I needed to find another television show to eat away my time and make me cry on command. After much deliberation (about six minutes browsing Netflix), I settled on Friday Night Lights, mostly because it's on Instant Watch, but also because Jake recommended it.
I'm five episodes into the first season, and my liberal East Coast heart is once again longing for conservative rural Texas (This is a theme all too prevalent in my life -- why can't I have a cool theme like "meeting a lot of successful attractive men" or even "meeting men?"). The show allows me to have the high school experience I missed out on, one that consists of relating to classmates and cheering at pep rallies and cheating on my newly paralyzed boyfriend with his best friend. I hope there's a prom themed episode -- I've been longing to live vicariously through someone's prom night ever since I spent mine at home on an Arctic Monkeys message board.

Have a great day!


  1. This is the perfect amount of good morning-ness.

  2. Maddie, I spent my prom at an ICP concert! I was covered in Faygo instead of getting rejected for dances.

    FNL is such a great show. It's one of the only HS shows where the characters are popular, but don't act too much like soap opera characters.

  3. I didn't even go to one of my own proms but I did go to a prom. It was pretty much what I expected it to be - except my date could still walk.
    This made my late-afternoon awesome Maddie - thanks!

  4. This was a really great GM. I will give FNL a shot, if only because it's on demand.

    I've always wanted to 'do' a message board, but I couldn't even get into the moderately active OYIT message board that existed in between versions of the blog. Any tips? Maybe this is a question for Hi Katy

  5. I also would love to participate in a message board. It's hard to find one that's active enough that isn't full of nerds that call everything epic and "comically" spell 'the' incorrectly.

  6. This made me sad. I think Keelin needs to help you move past the past and into the great wide open. Either Keelin or Tom Petty.