Good Morning...ALIENS!!!

By Maddie 

Good morning! Today's GM post is dedicated to the only thing more American than defeating Algeria in soccer games -- no, not apple pie or divorce. It's aliens! Grab your Area 51 paraphernalia and hold on tight -- things are about to get crazier than your uncle who saw a UFO over I-70 in 1992.

Today's Alien History
On this day in 1997, 50 years after something crashed near a Strategic Air Command base in Roswell, New Mexico, the Air Force released a report saying the aliens people reported seeing in 1947 were actually test dummies.
This is one of my favorite government conspiracy theories, somewhere in between never walking on the moon and 9/11 being an inside job. What do you think? Meaningless? Super secret-y military stuff? or...

Today's Racist Term
Illegal Alien

Today's Most Moving Speech Inspired by Aliens

Today's Song with a Vaguely Alien-y Theme/ Today's Song with the Best Pronunciation of the Word Peculiar

Today's YouTube Comment from David Bowie's Space Oddity Video
duded123456 that guy looks kinda gay no offence but he does

That's it for me. Have a great Thursday.


  1. 1. The "uncle" comment above sounds real, not like a joke at all.

    2. Building 7 went down but was never hit by a plane. Inside job?

    3. If someone put a gun to my head I think I could recite 95% of that Bill Pullman speech.

    4. The Youtube commenter is onto something.

  2. ALIENS! It's about time. I had imagined OYIT being a 21st century Weekly World News dealing solely in alien conspiracies, and Tupac sightings. BTW STARMAN is my favorite Bowie song 'bout alienz -

  3. Maddie, I have been reading books about aliens ever since I got a library number in kindergarten. I used to think to myself that if I ever became president I would release all the files on Area 51 and Roswell, etc, so the American people would know the truth!

  4. The next time I see Glenn I'm bringing my gun.

    This article coincides perfectly with me downloading a bunch of alien documentaries within the last 2 days.

    Also, I think Outkast were part of the Area 51 cover-up and their album Atliens is full of clues and sweet jams.

  5. If that's the case, Jake, then I support a 3000/Boi ticket for president in 2012.

  6. This is great. OYIT needs to stop neglecting the conspiracy theory constituency -- they could be our core readers!