Great Morning from OYIT

By Maddie 

Good morning, OYIT! June is finally here, which for me means another summer in DC. It's humid and crowded and corrupt, but I'm happy. No, no -- I'm not back on Prozac. I love my job! I spend my days sifting through archives of videos, slides, photographs, and records. Yesterday, I held the dust sleeve for the very first recording of Woody Guthrie, with original hand written notes circa 1940. Can you imagine how I felt? It'd kind of be like if Jake got to sort through boxes of Andrew Dice Clay's old leather jackets, or if Glenn got to process Dennis Rader's letters to KAKE-TV.

A Scene from the Episode of Law & Order (RIP) I'm Watching
"What are you guys doing at my computer?"- teen
"What are YOU doing -- exposing yourself to some creep on your webcam?"- father
"It was just my boobs."- teen, rolling eyes

One Damn Song That Can Make Me Break Down and Cry

David Bowie is as timeless as Hamlet or SPANX®. This is one of my favorites because I'm considered both young and American -- even in Arizona, which is more than most people can say.

Happy Birthday to... Allen Ginsberg (RIP). Thank you for making me think I was cool when I was fifteen. You will always hold a special place in my heart, even if your thoughts on NAMBLA were extremely, extremely creepy.

On this day in 2008...
Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination for president, marking the day Klansmen everywhere traded in their robes for tea bags.

So long and have a great day.


  1. I watched that Law & Order! Man, it went places...RIP 4-EVAH, L&O.

  2. Haha! If I could rummage through the Diceman's old leather jackets I'd probably have a heart attack from being too excited.

  3. Great article! Man, I wish i knew who this Andrew Dice clay character was. I did a Google search an it only came up with wankers so that couldn't be him, at least i hope not.

  4. Ginsberg made ME feel cool when I was 15 TOO!! That job sounds really awesome, that Woddy Guthrie recording would be my box of Andrew Dice Clay jackets (a box of Andrew Dice Clay jackets would also be my box of Andrew Dice Clay jackets!)