Good Morning Moon

By Maddie and ashlee 

Good morning to the moon! You've always been my favorite celestial object because I like my satellites the way I like my breasts: natural.

Moon History
On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. ...OR DID HE?? Some say we never really landed. Or, as Internet commentator nasafakedit put it, "the brainwashed monkey 6 FLASE FLAGS MOON HOAX in 2010 Nasa cant go to the moon [b]ut in 1969 they did Space technology has gone backwards for 40 years APOLLO NAZI HOAX."

Best Moon Song Ever

/ one of the best love songs ever. EVER! Even better than that Whitney Houston song I sing when I'm drunk.

[I asked Ashlee to step in for this section]

best moon movie omg not kidding
omg soooooo good what other moon movie would i pick, sailor moon? that's a tv show idiot LOL. neway omg edward the vampire is sooo hott in this movie i am not kidding u. the wolf is ok i no i no he has a nice bod but his face is just not rele my style lol sry

Have a great day!


  1. "Honky Tonk Moon” by Randy Travis is my favorite and don't shit on Sailor Moon, ashlee.

  2. Maddie, you and I finally have something in common! (see first sentence of post)

  3. The opening line of this post was so funny.

  4. I think ashlee may be racist! Let's make APOLLO NAZI HOAX an oyit meme!! Harvest Moon is a really sweet song!!! Thanks Maddie & ashlee!!!!