Good Morning August

By Maddie 

Good morning! July is finally over, and with it comes the crippling heat of August. If we were in Europe, we'd have the month off work, leaving us free to do super European things like start world wars and tan at beaches without our tops. But alas, here we are: stuck in the good ol' USA, with our jean shorts and Hot Pockets®, making the most of it.

Today's Cheese
We all know what August means: National Goat Cheese Month. Next to Birth Defect Month (January), Goat Cheese Month is my favorite month-long celebration. Ways to observe are obvious: eating goat cheese, making goat cheese...other things involving goat cheese. How about you send some to President Obama for his birthday tomorrow? There's nothing he wants more, with the possible exception of a competent electorate.

Today's August Music Festival
Nothing says "good times" like crowds, humidity, and overpriced water. There is no better place to experience all of these things than at Lollapollza this weekend. Most of my friends are going, and I'm more jealous of them than I am of whoever Justin Bieber is dating. The Black Keys, the xx, the National, Yeasayer -- the Strokes! It'll be so fun. Here's a clip of the xx because I know Jake loves them.


  1. Do not blame the electorate, UNLESS they vote Yes on C.

  2. This electorate is obviously incompetent because they've voted "no" on goat cheese so many times.

  3. I love The xx and goat cheese, which means that I loved this post.

  4. I KNOW how much Jake loves XX, and I am ashamed at how much I still love The Strokes. I wont list them as a favorite band, but I easily listen to their albums as much as Dylan and Beck, which are usually the only artists I get around to listening to... I want to raise goats, to make goat cheese and drink goat milk; I had a nice conversation with a fellow here in rural western Illinois on my grandparents' front porch tonight about his experience milking goats, or sheep - I know it's called goatsmilk but aren't sheep female goats>!? 'idk' He said that he had to milk the goats/sheep every morning before school, and one day when he returned they were gone, and that happened every year of his childhood. That's seems like a really blunt and possibly beneficial immersion into the concept of loss...