Good Morning Embarrassment

By Maddie 

Good morning, everyone. This post is going to be a little low key. I’m still in mourning over the fact that last night, based on my “viewing history,” YouTube recommended that I watch the music video to “Cowboy” by Kid Rock. I didn't go through with it, but still. Where do I go from here?

Today’s Breakfast Item
I’m good at two things in life: 1) reciting King Curtis’ “Wife Swap” tantrum and 2) eating a lot of crêpes.

Trust me, your day will improve 63% if you start it with a big plate of these. I’m a simple Missouri girl, so I like my plain -- butter, syrup, powered sugar -- but you can put anything you want in yours. Be creative: strawberries, chocolate, ketamine -- human flesh! If the French have taught us anything, it's that nothing is off limits. Or maybe that was the German.

Today’s Video
On this day in 1966, John Lennon apologized for his infamous the-Beatles-are-more-popular-than-Jesus comment.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Holy shit was John Lennon attractive, or what? Wow. WOW.

...sorry, guys, I'm not focused. I just can't get my mind off of that recommendation! Is that really what you take me for, YouTube? A Kid Rock fan? So what if I might have maybe at one point or another -- maybe -- searched for the video to "All Summer Long?" I, like Kid Rock, have a misplaced sense of Southern nostalgia, okay? It's something I'm working on. Just mind your own business and let me watch my "Wife Swap" videos in peace.


  1. Maddie, you haven't hit rock bottom on Youtube recommendations until it suggests you might like Maroon 5.

  2. Youtube recommended this to me yesterday, so I'm in the same boat as you.

  3. I get nothing but awful recs from youtube, but I spend most of my time watching clips of Teen Wolf Too and Blue Man Group videos, so I suppose I should expect it.

  4. Youtube has sold out man, don't feel bad y'all!
    Crepes are awesome. But you have to eat A LOT OF THEM to be full - but that doesn't sound so bad once I say it out loud (people are looking at me funny but I be they go home and eat the hell out of some crepes!)
    Good good morning.