Good Morning Louis CK

By Maddie 

Good morning Louis CK! You are so funny! And, in honor of tonight’s season finale of “Louie,” I'm dedicating today’s good morning post you.

Today's Louis CK News
Tomorrow night, Louis CK's new concert-film Hilarious is premiering in eight cities across the country. Check it out if you get a chance. I'll be at one of the screenings in New York, trying desperately to pass off my tears-from-sadness as tears-from-laughter.

Today's Louis CK Video
Picking a favorite Louis CK video is like trying to find a cool guy wearing a bandana: next to impossible. I like this one because making a good rape joke is also next to impossible, but he pulls it off.

Today's "Louie" Cameo
According to his Twitter page, Todd Barry will be making another appearance on "Louie" tonight.
One day, we'll be able to watch Todd roast Louis. This will have to do until then.


  1. nothing like a good rape joke to start your day!

  2. I can only hope that when I see Louis CK live he will tell me to die of AIDS too!

  3. Louis CK is so great. He's even greater than this guy sitting next to me at the library who breathes in sighs. Every 2.5 seconds this guy is sighing.

    There's a great video on Youtube of Louis CK (which he uploaded himself) doing stand-up and trying to be as offensive as possible. I would post it, but I'm at the library and this sighing guy is driving me fucking crazy.

  4. I am quite excited to see the season finale, and I'm glad the contributors at OYIT can all come together to love Louie C.K.

    Great post, Maddie.