Good Morning [April 1, 2009]

By Jake

I know you're expecting a "hilarious" April Fools Day joke post like all of the other internet sites on the world wide web. We're not like those sites (unless we have an April Fools Day post later on today). In fact, I hate April Fools Day. My mother would always tell me that my grandparents were dead. Then one year they were really dead. That was the worst trick ever played on me.

Yesterday was extremely rainy, and according to my desktop (which has a weather thing on it now) it is going to be 55 degrees and sunny. Hopefully that's not an April Fools joke played on me by my desktop weather widget. Anyway, here's what a map of the weather looks like:

As you can see, the weather is looking pretty good all over the contiguous United States. If you live in Cut Banks, I sure feel sorry for you. I'll be enjoying the sunny mid-50's weather that I'm supposed to experience, while you're still stuck in the 30's. I'm planning on using this weather to play a competitive game of Four Square. Hopefully, I'll see you all at the park.

Typo of the Day
I accidentally misspelled "Follow" on the Twitter sidebar icon. Motherfuckin' EXCUSE me!!!

April Fools Day Trick to Play on Your Friends
I'm not one for tricks, as I've already stated, but I am not about to tell you all (y'all) how to live your lives. My trick goes as follows: Dig a six foot deep, rectangular hole in your backyard. Invite your friend over for a cookout or to help you re-shingle your roof. Once they're over, show him your freshly dug hole. They'll probably say something like, "Gee, what's that hole for, it looks like a grave or something." Tell them it's their grave and push them in it, you may need to hit them with a shovel in their head if they're reluctant. Then bury them alive. If you yell April Fools you can't be arrested and it's a really great trick.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. What you describe as an April/s Fool/s Trick just sounds like murder.

  2. that's the best kind of trick!


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