Best of Jake

Interview with Aerosmith's #1 Fan Co-authored with Glenn

Resurrect the OJ Jokes

Dear God

Entries from my Dream Journal Co-authored with Glenn

Tips on Surviving the Recession

TV Show Idea: Ione Sky and the Cloud Brigade

Au Jus...Oh My God! by Mikey

TV Show Idea: Who am I to Ask?

Thank Goodness It's Friday

Dissecting Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady"

Gallagher Smashes America

Fast Food by Mikey

Oscar Predictions 2K10 Co-authored with Glenn

Who is Your Favorite President

Five Non-essential Firefox Personas

On ALF Season One Episode 11

The Goose and the Gloryhole

OYIT's Poetry Corner

Facebook Testimonies

Lindsay Lohan: Truthful Actor in the Role of Life

Places to Meet a Significant Other

Spymate: A Movie Review

My Life at the Washington District Library

God's Country

My Autumn Article

Jumping into a Pile of Leaves Should be Illegal

A Portrait of a Bathroom Graffiti Artist

Oscar Picks 2011 Co-authored with Glenn

Sasquatch Corner

I Miss You, Heidi

The Intergalactic Adventures of Bruno Mars: A Simple Mission

Dissecting Miley Cyrus' "Party in the USA"

My Number One Fear

Transformers: A Conversation

Tim and the Poker Machine

Bobby Langston Blasts...Health Care Reform by Bobby Langston

Bobby Langston Blasts...Baby Killing by Bobby Langston

Bobby Langston Blasts...Lack of School Prayer by Bobby Langston

Oil, What is it Good For? Absolutely Everything by Bobby Langston


Debate: Is Farmville a Waste of Time? Co-authored with Glenn

Debate: Tattoos Co-authored with Glenn

Debate: Does God Exist Co-authored with Glenn

Debate: Should You be Permitted to get any Hairstyle you Want Co-authored with Glenn

Debate: "Pools vs. Oceans" vs. "Ice Cream vs. Popsicles" Co-authored with Glenn

Saved by the Bell Recaps
The Tragic Break-up of Zack and Kelly

The Bayside Gang's First Day of School

Fatal Distraction

Screech's Woman

Cream for a Day

The Gift

Dancing to the Max

The Lisa Card


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