Best of Glenn

Welcome to the Best of Glenn. Here you will find some of my favorite articles, including ones that got me kicked off a jury. These are guaranteed to make you and the citizens of 2100 laugh. They have all been printed and buried in a one hundred-ish year time capsule in Nebraska.  I included a few debates, a few good morning posts and some of my longer treatises on life and love. I did not include a link to Anders Breivik's 777,724 Word Manifesto, though it can be found here.


"Are you 45?": The technological barriers of age and age-related mentality in modern America by Glenn

Is 4 Minutes Enough for Love? A Speed Dating Essay by Glenn

"Never Leave Your Partner Behind" - A Review of Fireproof by Glenn

Talkin' New York by Glenn

Seattle's Best Part 1 and Seattle's Best Part 2 by Glenn

Tron is the #1 Movie in the Country by Glenn

A Visit to the Doctor by Glenn

Taxes: A Primer by Glenn

Carpets vs. Bare Floors by Glenn and Jake

Funniest Farts by Glenn

New Year's Resolutions 2011 by Glenn

Is it Acceptable to Burn the Qur'an? by Glenn and Jake

Good Morning Twenty-Somethings by Glenn

Good Morning Welfare Island by Glenn

Career Corner - Scam Bait [Job Scam Bait] Vol. 2 by Glenn

Career Corner: Cover Letter Tips by Glenn and Elle

One Week in Entertainment 28 by Glenn

Is Bullfighting a Sport? by Glenn and Jake

Pearl Jam's Existential Moment by Glenn


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