Good Morning From OYIT [April 2nd]

By Kaleena

Thursday, oh Thursday - where for art thou Thursday?
Why, you're living it silly!

Weather doesn't have to be so serious, as this Norwegian weather video will show. In fact it can be quite humorous. How else do you explain tornadoes? They're nature's drunken ballerinas! HAHAHA! Oh my splitting sides...

This week's featured drink is close kin to the Kamikaze (which is a drink as well as a crazy person). It won't make you want to kill yourself, though. On the contrary, this drink made a recent comeback thanks to that awful show with those women who have sex in cities, but it has been around since at least the 70's. It's gorgeous and delicious. It'll get you drunk while making you look classy. What more could you ask for from a glass of alcohol? Tip: learn to make this at home. It's expensive as hell to order anywhere in the world.

Finally - the moment you've all been waiting for but didn't even know it. I am going to give you a peek into the most exclusive star mansion in the universe. So exclusive, it's named 'The Star Mansion'. This is a magnificent star constellation that only the Chinese seem to have access too, making it your life's goal to become a part of it. There are many different ways to do so, but the least shameful is to marry a Chinese person and follow the rituals no matter how strange and sacrilegious they may seem. 'Why would I ever stoop myself to these lows to join a crazy "star mansion"? you are no doubt asking. Well, if you want to be a square peg in this round world, that's up to you. Personally, though I love my fiance very much, I may have to take on another husband because I just don't think I can live outside the bubble any longer.

Have a fantastic day!


  1. I wish you would have given us a recipe for a cosmo. Instead I'm just going to have to guess and make one out of vodka, sprite and fruit punch.

  2. I was so enraptured by that meteorologist's radiant beauty that I couldn't understand a word she said!


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