Graduation School

By Kanye
Listen, my mother died from plastic surgery recently.

I am sorry if I have transferred the hurt that I feel from this abomination to another abomination such as gay people or the country music hack Taylor Swift winning any sort of recognition, especially over an actually talented performer such as Beyonce.

But I already digress, this is an apology and I am apologizing wholly. If I can help Taylor Swift, like with a kleenex, or if I can help other young artists with talent cultivate and record their work in order to prevent any future Taylor Swifts I am making myself available.

I am available to you Taylor Swift and your mom Mrs. Swift. I don't have a mom any more no matter what Jay Leno says, she is never coming back. This is something Beyonce appreciates at a very personal level and something you people, the Swifts, will never have to experience - the loss of a loved one at the expense of personal vanity. It is the hardest type of loss to take as a person of unbridled vanity.

It made me face my own mortality which is something I ardently ignore, like the fact that other people exist in the world and have opinions that are contrary to mine and also valid (author's note in this case they are not). While it is the case that George Bush don't care about black people, neither do I really, if they don't love Beyonce's video about single ladies.

I was once a single lady and know hardships that George Bush could never comprehend. I had to shake my booty in front of a green screen wearing only a skin tight, legless jumpsuit. And that was just for E-Harmoney registration...

But seriously folks vacuous country music has stolen the heart of America and has deteriorated our democracy by way of serving as rallying cry for (actual) neo-fascist Glenn Beck and the call to the response of Joe Wilson. And it has done so in innocuous couplets that herald pious Sunday mornings, alcohol abuse, and physical violence against 'detractors'. So even though I am apologizing for this shit... Taylor Swift? WTF VMA>???


  1. Kanye, thanks for manning up and apologizing. We need more people like you who know their manners and ca be examples to our youths.

  2. Kanye this took a lot of guts. Thank you for posting here.

  3. Kanye, I just wanted to say....well, uh ya know...I am really sorry about earlier today. You know that Obama/you remix...I've been thinking and that was really uncalled for and I want to make it up to you...a dinner and movie perhaps?

    Thank you for all that you have done and bringing to light so many elphants in so many rooms that people really don't care about.

    god bless you voice of a generation of this decade god bless you sweet angel.

  4. Kanye, you always act out and then apologize and promise never to do it again. How am I supposed to believe in you anymore?

  5. wtf kanye! real men don't apologize. grow some BALLS!!111


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