Attention Homosexuals

By Jake 

One Year in Texas's audience is most likely pretty liberal, but I'm also assuming that they're pretty heterosexual. To quote Owen Hart, "Enough is enough and it's time for a change!" What One Year in Texas needs more than anything right now is a writer that appeals to a special interest group. Our audience has been actively growing over the last few months, but we need to hit those groups that other humor blogs are afraid to attract (the glbt audience, especially).

Why would a homosexual want to write for One Year in Texas?

  • Opportunity!
    -Our ultimate goal for One Year in Texas is not only to continue to grow on the internet, but to also evolve into more than just a blog you found while searching for "am I an accessory to rape?" on Google. We would like to add more video content and eventually produce a live show or a feature film. Every comedy group has a gay member (Monty Python had Graham Chapman, Kids in the Hall has Scott Thompson), you could be our gay member.

  • Audience!
    -One Year in Texas is a rising force in the field of humorous essays/articles/fiction blogs. We get an average of 90 unique visitors per day currently and that's up from 70 just two months ago. This ever-growing blog is the perfect place to spread the gay agenda.

  • Freedom!
    -You can write whatever you want as long as it's funny.

  • No Pay!
    -Yes, we do have ads on One Year in Texas, but nobody clicks on them. We make about $1 a month from ads. None of us are making any money...yet! Some day hopefully this can blossom into a money making business. You'd be on the ground floor if this ever happened.

We are also interested in the following special interest groups: the handicap, any non-white race, non-US citizens and the deaf. Also, if you could offer a type of content that is currently not on here such as video content, comics, music or whatever else exists, we would gladly host your content and make you part of our family.


  1. i once touch another female on the thigh.

  2. Umm, I'm in an open relationship with a female, while simultaneously seeing a boy. I'm also in love with Ingrid AND Glenn. How do I not fit a very specific audience?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. If you're REALLY serious and I'm not "gay" enough for you because I don't fit into your narrow world view, I can talk to some people.

  5. This is the most commenting I've ever done on one post.

  6. i'm so curious to know what that "THis post has been removed by the author" said..

  7. oh. ahem. this is ingrid under another alias. not actually THE amnesty international.

  8. i'm pretty sure i'm considered gay in like at least 17 states.

  9. I like this. I have never times jokingly referred to myself as gay while writing for this blog (including most recently here. One of these times it's bound to be true. What I'm saying is instead of looking for new gay writer we should turn the existing hetero/bi writers we have now into homosexuals, such as described here.

  10. My girlfriend is black. I still say I win.

  11. i should try and talk my black-jewish-asian girlfriend into writing something. maybe i can talk her wheelchair-bound adopted eskimo husband into doing it as well but their blind autistic boy may be a bit young yet.
    (sorry, i couldn't resist)


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