Drill, Baby, Drill!!

By Jake 

Much to Glenn's delight, I have taken up paying attention to the American political scene. It's not as fun as when I paid attention the Quad Cities' hardcore scene, but at least I haven't got punched in the face yet.

I heard that Obama wants to do some offshore drilling. I don't like this. I am inherently against anything Sarah Palin was for (including birthing retards).

I also heard that Obama wants to open more nuclear power plants. What year is this, 1982?

Also, is anybody attending the take your guns to Washington rally? We need a correspondent.

This is what I ate for dinner last night

Some More Pictures (Hey, I'm not going to waste all my good material in a GM)

Don't believe anything you read on the internet today. It's April Fool's day.

Thank you kindly and have a great day.


  1. short and sweet. fantastic. and that last picture is REALLY awesome - what is it?
    why does obama want to screw up his, until now, great record? such old fashioned ways of obtaining power in such a modern world. it's disheartening. let's get off this grid.

  2. omg jake, I WANT THAT FOOD YOU MADE. and i love that you're getting into politics. good morning!

  3. Flowers don't make me smile. The only thing that makes me smile these days is Jake getting back into politics! Time to bust out that old paper about welfare you wrote for SIUC.

  4. Kal, that is a picture of a tube that's part of some road construction a few blocks from where we live.

    Glenn, I should post that Welfare paper. I'll type it up tonight and post it next week sometime.

    Maddie, come over and eat dinner with us sometime!

  5. That pasta looks like an oceanic abortion! But still delicious!!


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