Counter Point: Charles in Charge

By Jake

In response to this post. Read it first.

My only issue with Glenn is that he clearly believe that Charles in Charge is at least a two star show. I, like you, have watched episodes of CiC from Netflix under the watch instantly option. I would never buy the dvds, nor would I have them sent to my house (because I want to maintain the respect of the mail person). Yet, I find the show decent and fairly funny. It's at least as funny as post-Suzanne Summers Three's Company, if not funnier.

Season One is not great, due to the lack of parenting skills of the Pembrooks, as they rely on Charles to practically raise their children. Their complete lack of parental skills is befuddling. They must have killed at least as many children as Susan Smith before Charles entered their lives, like a sexed up Mary Poppins (Mary Poppin' Boners, perhaps).

At the beginning of season two, when Charles returns to the familiar house, he finds that the Pembrooks have moved away because the father has gotten a job in Seattle (or another irrelevant city on the West Coast). In their place is a new family, the Powells.

The Pembrooks have worked a deal out with the Powells so that Charles can maintain his job as nanny (and his role in the sitcom). The Powells are the crotchety grandpa Walter (a war vet), Mrs. Ellen Powell, her son Adam and her two daughters, Sarah and Jamie. Mrs. Powell's husband is a military man and is on a military base somewhere. Thus, leaving the perfect opportunity for Charles to take care of yet another family.

This time things are a bit different. Charles object of affection from season one, Gwendolyn Pierce (which I will name my band), is all but an after though as Charles and his best friend, Buddy, are on the hunt for some grade A trim. Charles must maintain his career as a nanny at the same time as his never ending search for pussy. This causes many comedic situations.

Mrs. Powell, along with the help of Walter (her husband's father), are pretty capable of taking care of the children. They need Charles more as a baby sitter, rather than a secondary parent. Grandpa has to constantly go to his veterans lodge and Mrs. Powell has a career. This leaves Charles time to penetrate vaginas and take care of the children.

I gave Charles in Charge three stars (out of five) and I will stand by that until the day I die.


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