Good Morning [Wed Jan 21 2009]

By Glenn

There will not be a full version of my good morning post today, in memory of George Bush who is no longer President of the United States. The weather will be the same today as it was yesterday with the exception of Cut Bank, Montana where it will be an unseasonably warm 112 degrees. Tonight's Pick 5 numbers are 4, 15, 225, 13, 6 and &. Yes, you read it right: there will be an ampersand. The hot television pick for tonight is the Season 5 premiere of Lost. I just finished watching the fourth season, which ended with a guest appearance from Henry Winkler as the Fonz. He shot an unarmed woman in the back. Same old Fonz!

[There will be a full version tomorrow morning.]

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  1. I remember when Fonz shot Leather Tuscadero in the back. That was a JTS moment for Happy Days, along with almost everything that happened on every episode.


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