Good Morning from OYIT [February 17th]

By Glenn

Good morning. I had a great day yesterday and no doubt it was due almost completely to the positive tone of yesterday's good morning post. The only way to know this for sure is to take a much harsher tone today and see if that affects my mood. Please run the same test on yourself. Was your day fantastic yesterday? Is it going to be awful today? We won't know until Wednesday, but I can't wait to find out the results.

Today's Weather

Is there anything to be drawn from Texas and Florida - two states more than happy to execute convicted murders - having the nicest weather today? Yes. Violence begets nice weather. Weather like this makes you look deep inside your heart and wonder, "How much blood would I be willing to have on my hands for the purposes of having sun and 70 degree temperatures?" On the day of your big outdoors family picnic, would you be willing to inject the Potassium chloride? Just to be SURE nothing could ruin Aunt and Uncle Matheson's first trip back home since the great schism of 1998? Think about it, but if you have to think about it you're already worse than George Bush. But at least you'll have your nice weather!

Today's Young People Activity
Slate, the online magazine for people who can't figure out how to get around Salon's advertisements, has a great podcasts you can listen to (nearly) every day. They did a feature on their podcast the other day about how the police, prosecutors and school administrators are cracking down on "sexting." As sordid as you think and imagine and want, the term only describes the practice of young people sending nude pictures to each other. Instead of dealing with this in the way you'd deal with teens who are sexually active - try to emotionally prepare them - they're arresting children for child pornography. If I am 15 and my 15 year old girlfriend sexts me a naked picture of herself, why did I become the new Gary Glitter? I'm ONLY 15! The way our society deals with sex is fucked up and that's why people's attitudes about sex are so fucked up. It all starts at a young age and I don't see you doing anything to correct it.

Today's Quote of the Day
Everyone who reads this site spent some period of his/her childhood in a small town. With cornfields and haystacks as far as the eye can see, we all dream of a time where we can leave our parents and everyone who ever loved us behind and travel to the big city. The lights, the culture, the murders - it's everything we've seen in movies and more. However, once we get to the big city, we realize that living closer together doesn't mean living closer together.
A city is a large community where people are lonesome together.
-- Herbert Prochnow

Today's Prediction
You are going to have an awful day! Nothing will go right: the nude pictures you sexted to your daughter will get her in a world of trouble, the pro-death penalty rally you planned at church will be rained out, and you'll realize that you've never felt more alone while being around so many people.


  1. Poplar Bluff High School recently had a school board meeting about new cell phone policy. Some "worried mother" told those gathered that one of her son's friends had been caught sexting and wasnt punished enough. The boy had Five days of In-School-Suspension and had his cell phone taken away until his parents(who don't give a shit) come and get it. That's not harsh enough? I happen to know the the freshman boy...this was his first girlfriend.

  2. I think you should be suspended if you're not getting sexted. We need to encourage our children to grow up faster so they'll leave home faster.

  3. I love sexting! The smaller the phone the better .... I've managed to get some super sexy photos of my uvula.

    I also like this kid's ingenuity:

    Kids should be rewarded for their creativity. Not punished.

  4. I was hoping that was a link to your vulva pics.

  5. I didn't even read this until the day was over, but it explains every horrible thing that happened to me today. Thanks Glenn.


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