Good morning from OYIT [Comment Edition]

By Ingrid

OYIT STAFF MEETING: Where are all the commentators?!

We have collectively failed as a website because no one has been commenting on the heart-rending and thoughtful things we've written lately. The only point of a blog is getting feedback: feedback that makes you feel good about yourself, feedback that gets you laid, etcetera. In response to the comment drought, this post will be styled specifically to provoke commentary. Everything I say or post will either be offensive, stupid, or really amazing. Most of it will be stupid, but I’m hoping that you find it in your heart to comment anyway.

Mascots I Have Loved and Commented Upon

Lumberjacks have been associated with homosexuality ever since the Monty Python song, and I’m not really sure why. Because they wear women’s underwear, I guess (not that sexual orientation and cross-dressing are necessarily related)? Anyway, NAU’s mascot is a lumberjack. As this photo of the statue on campus proves, mascots in the southwest are super hot...and completely straight. Look at Louie the Lumberjack’s nipples and rippling abs and comment on whether or not it is appropriate for 19-year-old children to live and learn in this sort of environment.

At least it’s not the Evergreen Geoduck!!

A Comic That Will Make You Laugh and Comment

Oh, God, I’m pulling out all the stops here. WEBCOMICS. I’m hoping to get our fringe nerd readership with the bright colors and ironic scenarios.

That's what you get for having a BEAR plan your counter-attack!

The Best Song About Slippin' Away Since Paul Simon's "Slip Slidin' Away"

Step Into My Office Baby

I'm still not over that Saturday post in which Jake talked about Belle and Sebastian excessively. That might've been the best day of my life, because other people were actually talking about my favorite band with me instead of rolling their eyes and changing the topic to Radiohead or Blackberries or going up to my place for a drink.

B & S have the most ridiculous music videos. Case in point:

Hm, none of those items were offensive, stupid, or really amazing. Comment anyway. What more do you want from me, a lapdance?

I hope the quality of your day increases or decreases proportionately to the number of comments you leave! <3


  1. I don't "get" webcomics I don't think.

  2. Lumberjacks might be gay, but they are manly. What is more manly than having sex with men?

  3. Also, asking for people to comment is basically like telling them not to. Except for me, because I actually WANT people to comment on my articles.

  4. maybe i asked for comments because i don't want any! maybe that was my plan! and you ruined it by commenting an obscene three times in a row.

    also, the whole point of webcomics is that they're incomprehensible except to a tiny group of nerd-types.

  5. you DID say something offensive that makes me need to comment!! 19 yos are NOT children, they are YOUNG women/men!!!!!!!! but i comment on like every post anyway.

  6. Hello! I've been busy. I wanted to give Gary props for mentioning American Movie the other day. That webcomic was cute Ingrid. I loved Ward Six, I only read for the first time in December I think. I like the good morning posts, again, just been very busy, but one the of things I have been very much looking forward to has been getting back on OYIT, AND commenting!

  7. when you are 25, you realize you were a child when you were 19. i'm sure when i'm 31 i'll think i was a child when i was 25. same for when i'm 83 about 77. i definitely could not have handled this unbridled, half-naked masculinity when i was 19. i can barely handle it now!

    bub, i like stories about how bad insane asylums used to be. in related news, nellie bly is one of my heroes.

  8. HEY! Mr. S. Griffard attended Evergreen. I am offended on his behalf.

    Also, now at the age of 22, I also think that I was way young at age 18. Next year, when I'm 23, I will most likely think I was way young at 19.

  9. Ingrid, this GM was so wonderful, I would be honored if you'd lay with me.

  10. Also, Nate. You were way young at 19.


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