Good Morning From OYIT [Tues March 3rd]

By Jake

Glenn was supposed to post a GMFOYIT today, but he must have fallen asleep before he finished. Maybe he went into a writer's block induced coma. I guess we'll never know (unless he tells us). So here I am at 10:00 AM writing a the Good Morning article in order to not let you down. You possibly won't read it, but I feel like I have a duty. That duty is very similar to Samuel L. Jackson's duty to 'please that booty' in Shaft.

Blaxploitation Movie of the Day
Today's Blaxploitation movie is Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde. This is the story of a black scientist who takes a serum. The serum turns him into an out of control, prostitute murdering honky. He has a blood feud with Silky the Pimp. You must realize from the title that this movie is great, but it's got a pretty serious tone. Any horror movie with 'black' in the title should always be as serious as possible to fight the absurdity of adding the word 'black' into the title of a classic horror movie.

Activity of the Day
Writing an article at the last minute is the activity of the day. It's what I'm doing now, and what you're going to do later. You might substitute a paper on The Bhagavad Gita for 'article,' but it's all the same. Today you will be cutting it close, perhaps too close.

Ninja Weapon of the Day
Everybody loves ninjas, and why? Because they have a ton of great weaponry. One of my favorites is the shuriken-- the throwing star. There's nothing I'd want thrown at me less than a shuriken. I'd rather have confetti thrown at me by every Harlem Globetrotters player to ever don the jersey than be devastated by a shuriken to the face. When I play Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, the shuriken is a pretty lame weapon. They barely stun your enemy, but NG is not a very realistic game.

Okay, sorry that this is hurried. The next morning post I do will be on time and hopefully better than this. Thank you and good afternoon.


  1. what is wrong with you

  2. Go fuck yourself Anonymous. I'm getting really fed up with your shit.

  3. i guess anonymous is too real for y'all

  4. Gary, I tried to email you yesterday but your email address didn't work.

  5. yea my email does that.

    give me a section on this website. I want you to decide what it should be about, and preferably, focusing on something I know nothing about.

  6. That would be fine. I'd like to talk to you about it not in the comments if possible. If you have a gmail account email me at and if you don't, get one and then email me. You need a gmail account to post on OYIT and I need to explain how to post in our template.

  7. good for the last minute, i must say.

  8. I like this as a "moment in time" sort of thing. It was hastily thrown together and then the comments were completely irrelevant to the post itself. An undiscovered classic of OYIT 2009.

  9. Now I just wish it would go away.

  10. I wish every GM post would disapear into the ether.


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