TV Show Idea: Tommy Tomato

By Jake

Last week's TV show idea was a huge hit. Telemundo showed a little interest, but we couldn't get Ione Sky to sign and the show hinges on her. This week I'm going about it a little differently, this is not a celebrity vehicle. This is a show for children.

Tommy Tomato is a lower class hot house tomato living in the produce section of the grocery store. He lives next to the upper middle class vine ripened tomato that often bully young Tommy. They oppress our protagonist and leave him bruised.

Tommy's best friend is Eddie Eggplant, a long purple fellow with a green hat and stars in his eyes. He dreams of performing in Las Vegas, but he's just an eggplant and nobody knows how he learned about Vegas in the first place. Eddie and Tommy go on many adventures throughout the store, sometimes solving crimes (like the case of the dented can of beans).

Henry Jalapeno tries to get Eddie and Tommy to do drugs and steal carts. They often say no, but sometimes are pressured into it for they fear for their lives. Henry is an angry gang leader, who takes immense pleasure in pushing around Eddie and Tommy. He loves making people fear for their lives.

Tommy has a huge crush on an apple named Angela. She has little interest in Tommy, but treats him sweetly. Tommy sometimes commits crimes to impress her.

Here's a brief scene:

[Int. super market]

Eddie: Hey Tommy, we should hit the road. We need to get out of this godforsaken place.

Tommy: Eddie, how are we going to go anywhere? We're nothing but a couple of pieces of produce in this canned food world. You want to go to Vegas and perform, well I got news for you, buddy, you're not going to make it. We're doomed to spend our last days around here being bullied and forced into uncomfortable and awkward situations.

Eddie: It doesn't have to be like that, Tom. We can get out of here. We can be somebodies!

Tommy: Eddie, you don't know anything about the real world. You're a dreamer with his head lost in the clouds. Let's go talk to Henry about joining his gang.

Eddie: That's a terrible idea.

Tommy: For being purple you sure are yellow.

[They walk over to Henry]

That's just a brief scene so you get a feel of the show. Hopefully this has enticed some executives.


  1. Not bad, but I think BigIdea might be mildly upset.

  2. What's [the] BigIdea?

    Also, I got sort of stuck with this idea. I'm not doing kids shows for a while.


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