Good Morning from OYIT [April 8th]

By Kaleena

Good *yawn* morning. I don't know about you but I think I could have slept in a bit more, however, there's no point living in the past. Onto the Thursday we all look forward to because it's before Friday and that usually means the end of the work week. If you work in the restaurant business like I do - it just means a breather before the busy, busy Easter celebrations.

In honor of our most patriotic holiday approaching (Easter, that is), I felt this map to be totally representational of the patriotism that will bring us even closer together this Sunday. Instead of fearing what the red, white, blue, and purple might actually mean in this case, try to focus on the brilliant colors that remind you of the eggs you will spend all Saturday night dying and hiding very early Sunday morning just to see your kids sulk and throw them to the ground when they realize they aren't stuffed with candy. On second thought, just buy plastic ones and fill them with candy. It'll save you much more grief and you won't have to test your gag reflex to the limit with the vinegar-based coloring kit.

Today's featured morning beverage - coffee. Beautiful isn't it? Mmmmmm....are you craving it yet? I sure am. I crave it all the time. Like a pregnant woman craves weird shit. I dream of the day when I have a coffee maker with a timer that I can set to be sure that each morning I am jolted out of my night-terror to the refreshing, soothing smell of oily, ground brown beans being slowly brewed to perfection. Loaded with caffeine and some significant health benefits (like slowing the onset of alzheimers and manic-depression) there's just really no way to go wrong with a great cup of coffee morning, noon or night.
If you have any awful allergy to caffeine, my suggestion would be to call your doctor and demand an immediate remedy. If you believe in God, well you two should have a talk. It's hard to believe there is such a deity that would do something so crude to those it claims to love so very much.

I found this picture while trying to search for an Easter-themed weather map. I don't know who had the time or sanity to put to such a project, but I'm sure they've been featured on Sunday Morning or another PBS-type show. I am thinking of riding my bike to work on Sunday (assuming I get it fixed by then) just in hopes of finding some gems like this hidden in lawns along the way. Of course I will have back-ups just in case. I wouldn't want to disappoint any small inner-city youth. Spending Easter getting a shiv removed from deep in my liver would be a shameful reminder of my selfishness and a terrible homage to the sacrifice of Jesus that this day is all about.

As I probably won't be called to write another Good Morning this week, have a happy Easter and share your loot. That's what Jesus would and did do.


  1. More weather maps need to be patriotic.

  2. Hell yeah! I like it even if Katy feels the need to complain about it.

  3. the redesign is pretty sweet, i must agree.


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