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By Glenn

Good morning. Our good morning column has been an institution to this website and the internet in general since it started a few months ago. As Jake mentioned yesterday, there will be some changes here in the next few days. You might not hear about the weather everyday, but visiting will still be legal and available on the internet to visit.

John McCain's former daughter candidate for President article on Twitter.

let's try that again

Former candidate for President John McCain's daughter has an article on Twitter. It's about a tirade she had on Twitter because someone accused her of being unemployed. I usually wouldn't link to Wonkette, Gawker, Jezebel, et cetera but I will make an exception because it's about Megan McCain. Read the article here.


Unless you are FORGETFUL, you will remember that I talked a lot about the GIVE Act and how great it would be for AmeriCorps and public service. Obama signed the legislation today and that's the video of it. Young jobless people now have an option to take a year off of their life and do something good instead of something evil, like starting a website. That's what I did!

In Case You Missed It...

Jake and I debated about the main event of Wrestlemania VI. I tried to make it friendly for even non wrestling fans to read, but it's so hard for me to accommodate people like that.


  1. thanks for the great link from meghan! she's a really great influence for young republicans like me.

  2. Hey I have four Americorps Job offers right now! This is the best thing since working for below poverty wage levels was invented! At least it will give me time to start my evil website!

  3. By start my evil website I mean contribute to OYIT.

  4. i follow meghan on twitter (i think of myself as a younger version of herself), so i watched that unfold live. it was lovely. stickin' it to the man!!!!1 i love everything she does. i also interned for sen kennedy so that video was especially moving. gooooood morning!

  5. Where did you intern, in New York?! And Meghan McCain does have some redeeming qualities but, loving everything she does seems a bit much. I mean I have thought of you as an older version of someone much, much better than Meghan McCain.

  6. GIVE Act = Hitler Youth! That's what I've learned from Gary Nolan.

  7. i interned in DC last summer.

    i HAVE to love everything she does. she's just like me! she's the daugher of a politician, wears a lot of black, listens punk rock music, and has a ton of gay friends!!!!!!! i mean, when i watched this video of her at the log cabin convention ( ) i had to ask myself.."w8, is she TALKING about me? is THAT ME???????" then i remembered that the log cabin convention is a joke, that progressive republican is an oxymoron, and that i h8 meghan mccain.

  8. Hahaha@! Good, I am just glad I am not living in a parallel universe. I certainly see things in M. Mc.C. that are admirable ESPECIALLY for a Republican, but since you are not one I was worried there for a minute.


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