Good Morning?

By Jake

You may have woke up this morning and headed straight to your computer in hopes of reading yet another Good Morning article from One Year in Texas. If you did that I would be shocked, much like Horace Pinker from the blockbuster movie Shocker. Well, due to budgetary circumstances we have to scale back the Good Morning article into a much lesser version. Really, it's probably going to be mostly videos and maybe links and pictures. This is all we can afford, so please don't be angry. That being said, please email us if you have any cool videos.


  1. i seriously did just that! i woke up, checked facebook (obviously), then headed to oyit see nothing. it was as bleak as my feature. thanks for the explanation.

  2. bleak as my FUTURE! talk about a freudian slip!

  3. Ha! I promise there will be a Good Morning article tomorrow, but it will have a different format.


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