By Jake

Looks like I'm back once again to wish you, the citizens of Earth, a good morning. Hopefully it will be a good one and I won't look like an asshole. If your parents die or you get back the results to your HIV test and you it's positive please don't be angry at me. I'm just trying to wish you a good day!

So instead of posting a music video that is stupid and kitschy, I'm posting a really cool one. This is by the band Cansei de Ser Sexy from Brazil. They aren't Baile Funk, but that's okay. The lead singer is a woman with one of the worst haircuts ever. The video itself has really cool picture taking in it.

This is my wrestling video for today. It's the wrestling IRS giving tax tips. Most of them are pretty bad and #1 isn't even a tip. IRS was a wrestler who wore a tie in the ring and usually people pulled on it, but he never stopped wearing it. Some people just aren't willing to change.

Mix of the Day
This is an excellent mix of speed Cumbia and Tribal Guaracha. I loved it a lot. Almost everything on is worth a listen. Easily one of my favorite music blogs, if not my favorite.

Also, don't forget to read Glenn and my debate on the Drop Dead Fred remake.

Have a great day and stay away from glory holes today.


  1. Some might argue that these tax tips would have been more timely before April 15th, but not me. I don't argue, unless it's about the Drop Dead Fred remake linked above.

  2. thank you for that CSS video. in high school i used to imagine i would grow up to be like Lovefoxxx. i still have my fingers crossed.


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