OYIT Crime Alert: Craigslist Killer

By Glenn

With Obama in office, I thought crime - or at least violent crime - would decrease. Instead gun shootings, federal spending and internet based murders have gone through the roof. The federal government's website for stimulus spending includes real transparency and a bunch of roof repair projects, but nothing about Craigslist murders. That's what this is for.

Craigslist was once a trustworthy directory where users could sell a piano or scam people by sending them fake money orders and asking them to take a cut and send them the rest back. Those days are mostly behind us.

Phillip Markoff took the law into his own hands, as he played judge, jury and executioner like a modern day Judge Dread when he put several supposed prostitutes on trial. Most of them got off with a slight cash settlement, but sadly that wasn't the case for model Julissa Brisman. Markoff executed Brisman when she resisted. Even on Craigslist, murder is illegal.

How can regular women like you and me stay safe? The first step is to not use the internet. And if you have to, don't use Craigslist. And if you absolutely have to use Craiglist, don't answer online ads that way "Wanted: Murder Victim."

One of the most tragic things about the Craigslist murders/attempted murders is that the killer, Phillip Markoff, has a name so similar to Bernie Madoff, the famous financier who stole billions of dollars from people in a Ponzi scheme. When I first heard about Markoff, I thought it was just more about Madoff. I ignored it, but I hope you won't ignore it too.

In some ways Craigslist is one big Ponzi scheme. I can't ethically describe what a Ponzi scheme is here, but it basically involves taking people's money and giving some of them back their money sometimes but still getting more from other people. When everyone asks for their money back, the Ponzi scheme goes belly up and sometimes you go to prison, like Bernie Madoff or Phillip Markoff.

In closing, do not get murdered and do not give your money to Jewish people.


  1. I was on the cellular telephone about to make a money deal with Bruce Finklestein while I read this article. DEAL OVER! Thank you Glenn.

  2. as a regular woman who just can't bring herself to stop using the internet or answering craigslist ads with "murder" in the title, i have some advice for glenn and other regular women with similar issues: when going on a date with a man who advertises himself as a murderer or misogynistic vigilante, always pack a knife in your purse so you can fight back if he judges you a prostitute. also bring a condom in case things go better than expected and it turns out you are the one woman who can tame his wild, murderin' heart.


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