Good Morning

By Jake

Good morning! I hope that you're sitting down for this issue, because this is going to be relaxed. You'll need to take it easy right now, because today is going to the hardest day of your life. How do I know? Good question.

I took this picture a couple days ago walking around my area (several blocks around me). The thing about this plant that I really like is that the flowers form mini-Epcot Center shaped domes. Later on in the day that I took this I bit my tongue. It hurts so f'n bad right now. Hopefully you can relate.

Let's start off with a very weird Modern Lovers video. I don't know if this is an official video or not, considering that the Modern Lovers predate MTV by several years. I like the song, but I'm truly posting it for the video. Hopefully you are as confused and titillated as I was when watching it.

All right, this is a Lily Allen video. I know you might be thinking to yourself something along the lines of "Oh I don't like Lily Allen, she's British pop music." Well, you're being a prissy little baby. Lily Allen is pretty good and this video is excellent. I guess over in the UK MTV still plays music videos or there is an alternative station that does. In the US MTV hasn't played a music video in 10 years and now nobody watching the channel. Guess what they're going to do to get people to watch? Play motherfucking music videos. They are idiots.

Of course no Good Morning post from me would be complete without a wrestling video. Some day I will post something good, but I cannot do that today. My favorite thing about wrestling is the actual matches, of course. My second favorite thing are the crazy kitschy moments like this one. Scott Steiner has to have stage fright when it comes to speaking. I know that he doesn't always have such a hard time talking. He went to college even, so he can't be that stupid, right? I'll let you judge, until it's the subject of a debate.

Speaking of debates, did you happen to catch yesterday's? It was to determine the best emoticon, and we clearly didn't. Yet, I feel that its still worth reading at least once. Click here to read it, please. Also, leave a comment so I don't end up taking all of these 20 Vicodin at once.


  1. That was a really relaxing post, Jake. I appreciate it. That Lilly Allen song is really catchy, but I have a different one in my head now, which is good because I had a really horrible song in my head before this one.

    Thanks for making my day a little more passive aggressive. Or just aggressive.

  2. that lily allen video reminds me of the "rise up with fists!!!" vid by jenny lewis.

    i am so relaxed now. thanks jake.

  3. i loved that lilly allen video. i didn't even know i liked lilly allen until then. i think i may just be less irritated by all the stupid people that come into the restaurant today. thanks!

  4. That Jenny Lewis video is pretty similar, but (obviously) a little bit less focused than the Lily Allen one. I am not a big fan of solo Jenny Lewis, at least not her newest album. I was shocked at how much I didn't like it.

  5. i feel just the opposite -- i loved acid tongue (i assume that's her most recent solo album??) but feel like rilo kiley is hit and miss.

    i also like lily allen! good clip!

    today's picture of the day changed my life.

  6. Oh, I don't like Rilo Kiley either. I like her few appearances on the that Postal Service album and when she was in the Wizard.

  7. I'm glad you told me to sit down at the beginning otherwise I would have been standing up and my placenta would have dropped to the floor.


    Lily Allen is trying to go for the Linda Ronstadt look:


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