Thursday Morning Hangover

By Jake

Yes, I happen to be drunk right now. That hopefully mean that I will run roughshod with bad grammar and misspelling. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that, as I make no promises.

This is a picture I took while I was walking to the post office one time to drop off a Netflix movie. I took the opportunity to take pictures because I was bored.

Here's a video where Scott Steiner explains that he was too busy taking a dump to help somebody out. That how I am when it comes to the homeless problem. I'm always taking a raunchy shit when it's time to drop some goulash into a bowl.

Here's a great video from the Brazilian band Bonde do Role. Kaleena isn't a big fan of this song, but so what, I fucking am. Kaleena wouldn't know a good song if it turned into a wolf and raped her lungs.

This is another song that I love. This is by the band the Long Blondes and it's a song about how you don't need a boyfriend when you're 19. Some OYIT writers will relate to it more than others. My brother thinks this sounds like the Dance Hall Crashers, and so do I, but in a much better way than he does.

Good morning and take some Advil to relieve your headache.


  1. jake- i've come close to posting "once and never again" every time i've made a good morning post. i've never seen this youtube vid though or heard this version of the song. is this a demo version or something? but yes, i've sung this song to myself many a night--but i turn twenty next week, so those days are numbered! and i love the grass picture.

  2. Thank you for the picture so much!!! You have no idea how popular the "homemade" picture of the day is about to get. More popular than Bonde do Role America!

  3. there was,in fact, a time when a wolf snuck into my tent and was raping my lungs. sure, there was music blaring in the background, but have YOU ever tried to concentrate while a wolf is raping YOUR lungs? yeah - somehow i don't think so. bottom line - screw you jake.
    great videos - and i appreciate that bone do role song a little more now.

  4. Maddie, that must be a demo. I never even noticed, although it is glaringly obvious. It does sound a bit rough around the edges.

  5. Bonde do Role and Scott Steiner need to collaborate

  6. The woman in Bonde do Role left so maybe Scott Steiner can take her place. I wonder if he can speak Portuguese.

  7. Probably better than he can speak English! ZING

  8. Scott would probably miss all the band's shows because he was taking a dump.


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