By Jake

Good morning folks. I'm home alone (sort of) until Monday! Kaleena has gone to Portland because her uncle is graduating high school. Who knows what I'm going to do between now and then, probably kill myself.

Here's today's picture. It's of a broken tree that I took in some "woods" near my house. I'll be in Macomb very soon and am planning on going out to the real woods for some picture taking.

I bring you the Popworld performance of "Chewing Gum" by Annie. This is one of the best pop songs of the decade thus far, not that I'm a pop music aficionado or anything, it's just my opinion. Anyway, this is better than the music video.

Sonic cautions us on going inside of dryers.

Here's one of my favorite wrestling moments. Owen Hart is set to present the Slammy (WWE's version of the Academy Award) for the Best Bowtie. Yes, in the WWE they give out awards for the best bowtie. Instead of giving out the award, he takes it and gives an acceptance speech.

Have a gr8 day.


  1. please don't kill yourself!! i hope kaleena has fun in portland. i love it there. and sonic's advice is too true. i know from experience.

  2. I wonder who actually was going to win best bowtie--I bet it was Howard Finkel he always has the best bowties.

  3. I always thought it would have been Mr. Backlund. He wore a bowtie like Mona Lisa wears a smile.

  4. A valid point, but I think that Finkel winning bow tie of the year would be a largely ceremonial move on the part of the International Slammy Committee. Finkel was and still a workhorse and a long time WWE/WWF employee. It would be robbery to hand it over to Backlund.



  7. good morning? how am i supposed to make it through my 8-5 desk job without the traditional gm article???


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