By Ingrid and Jake

Two of OYIT’s veteran writers – one who is featured in the “Best Of….” sidebar at least ten times, and one who is, mysteriously, NOT FEATURED AT ALL – have joined forces to whip up a very special Good Morning post for you. This collaborative effort between two of the greatest minds of our generation could literally end up anywhere. If you’re anything like me, which you’re probably not or else we'd be friends IRL, you could use a little excitement in your morning routine.


What if an Asian man decided to make a pan flute out of carrots and celery? I think it would go a little something like this... Also, I would also think it was going to be the last great achievement of man, so consider how scared I am.

This is the only part I wrote. I think it's only fair to say that. I got drunk and couldn't write a full GM article so Ingrid wrote most it.

Next to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," this is my favorite movie of Michel Gondry's. At least it sort of makes sense!

I don’t really understand what is so funny about this little sketch, only that every time I watch it I find myself both LOLing and ROFLing uncontrollably. Have you ever attempted laughing out loud while simultaneously rolling on the floor? It is so difficult! I promise you, this video (which features Ellie Kemper from the Office) is worth the extra effort.


  1. God, I was so drunk last night. I can't believe I'm up before 10:00 AM.

  2. haha. i'm impressed that you managed to post this.

    between your drunkenness and my late night bitterness, i think we have a winning combo!

  3. and apparently 11 hours ago you were listening to r kelly's "i wish" on HA!

  4. A) I was listening to my hip hop songs on random.
    B) R. Kelly is great!


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