Another Wednesday Morning

By Jake

Howdy. It's a beautiful Wednesday morning and I will hopefully usher it in with grace and dignity. I honestly doubt I will be able to since I'm about as graceful as a brutally murdered child and about as dignified as that child's murderer.

Fourth of July in Indiana is crazy. Fireworks are legal here. Sadly, it ended up raining much of the fourth, but the rain cleared up just in time for people to light off an absurd amount of fireworks, which lasted until 2AM, if not later. I took this picture as the streets were covered in smoke. Our camera doesn't take great pictures when it's dark and I hate using the flash. I still like how this turned out, especially compared to the pictures I took of fireworks exploding in the sky.

This video is the kind of cheap and dumb thing you'd find on a video for a punk band like Nofx or Strung Out, but the song is so good. It reminds me of Abba in some ways. Guess what: I love Abba. I also love this song, and you can tell because I've listened to it several times a day for the past several days. Their whole EP which this song is from is great, in fact.

I posted this video on Maddie's Facebook wall a few days ago and have also decided to share it with you. I know everybody gets hard from hating of 50 Cent, yet you have to admit that Get Rich or Die Trying is a hip hop classic. If you won't admit it then you're an idiot and I don't value your opinion in the first place so who gives a fuck. The reveal in this video is one of the best things ever.

Have a great day on the best Wednesday of your life (past or future).


  1. the gloria song is pretty good, but you're right -- the video is so dumb! geez.

    hope you still have all your digits after the fireworks extravaganza. i only lost one eye and three fourths of my middle finger.

  2. I didn't light off any fireworks. I probably would have if the bank would have been open on Saturday.

  3. omg you even referenced me in this!! i loved that vid when you posted it on my wall (i was drunk and wrote like 7 idiotic comments if i remember correctly)and i love it now. that picture looks like a ufo landing. or maybe i just think that because i look for ufos in everything.


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