By Ingrid
Jeez, where is everybody?! I feel like a character from a post-apocalyptic science fiction movie, walking alone down the ravaged and desolate streets of OYIT's ruins. I'm carrying a big, science fiction-y gun and wearing the pointy, metallic shoulder pads of the future [shoulder pads are a staple in post-apocalyptic fashion]. Occasionally Nate pops up from a pile of wreckage and says something about STIs, or Mikey revives long enough to complain about chickpeas and rap, but other than that I am basically alone here.

Since I have a rare form of Tourette’s which manifests itself in frequent and lengthy blog posts, I was going to offer to buy the rights from Jake and rename OYIT “One Year in Ingrid” in an effort to revive the site, but I quickly thought of several reasons why that would be an unfortunate decision.

Stephen Malkmus in an Elevator
This six minute video of Stephen Malkmus singing a capella in an elevator is only for the true SM/Pavement fan. Don't even bother watching it if you are annoyed by his voice, because I'm telling you now this is nothing but six minutes of PURE, UNADULTERATED STEPHEN MALKMUS VOICE.

Department of Eagles/Regina Spektor: Noam Chomsky Spring Break

Sometimes when I feel like listening to bizarre, atmospheric stuff but can't find my dreary Phillip Glass album collection, I put on this song by the ol' Department of Eagles. This song features Regina Spektor (at least I'm 97% sure -- too lazy to look up), whose voice I like but whose songwriting style I have mixed feelings about. She's good with these guys.

My new hippie roommate is having friends visit this weekend, which means I have to sleep on the floor. Sleeping on the floor now and then is supposed to be good for your back, but I’m pretty sure the people who suggest doing so have clean floors without spiders or cat pee. Maybe I’ll camp out on the roof.

Have a good morning!


  1. hey, just popping up from the sewers of this wasteland to say what a great morning post. i didn't get to listen to all the music, but i love steven malkmus and just his voice is enough to make me almost faint - ALMOST.
    if i were you, i would also sleep on the roof. fuck spiders and damn cat pee. pee is the worst.

  2. I'd also like to know where everybody else is. This is starting to sound like OYIT's death rattle, or the beginning of the Jake and Ingrid show.

  3. Hey all!!! I want the OYIT community to know I have not forgotten about them. I try to read as often as possible. I had planned on writing a lot for OYIT once I got back to the states but then I got a gig writing for the foreign policy association which I haven't even got to write much for them because there has been so much stuff to do readjusting, catching up and setting up a new life. I HOPE that once I get settled in my new city and job I will be able to contribute. I've GOT articles ready to write. But I will at LEAST start commenting regularly starting next month. KEEP IT UP!

  4. hi bub! congrats on the real writing gig! i look forward to reading your comments in september!

    kaleena, i would love to see stephen malkmus in concert! i have such a soft spot for pavement and all related.

  5. I would see Malkmus in concert if he only played his second solo album.

  6. kaleena/jake: have either of you ever listened to the silver jews? i like 'em a lot. malkmus plays in the band and often contributes vocals/songwriting.

  7. I like 1 Silver Jews album. Malkmus is only on a couple, the early ones.

  8. today is also bob dole's birthday!!!1

  9. I was busy in North Dakota when this was written.


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