Hi Katy

By Katy

...is disappointed.

It's been two weeks since a Hi Katy post and absolutely no one has sent me a question. That's right. NO ONE. Now, I thought about skipping this week, writing fake questions (total advice column taboo), or holding on to "m" for the entirety of this article; but I won't. Instead I thought... Katy, I thought, your people are out there hurting and alone and they're under the impression their lives are happy and complete.

They're not.

So I've decided that this week's article is going to be a little free verse to bring everyone back down to earth and get back to their problem-filled lives.

Dear Faithful Reading Audience,

I miss you. More importantly, I fear for you. There are always times in our lives when we feel that everything is okay, that all will work out in the end. But I really want you to know, this is indeed dangerous thinking. Problems run our world! We need constant struggle to survive as a race; the human race. We need it just to survive in our day-to-day life. It breeds our news and our experiences, it forces us to think and justifies our decisions, and it connects us to humanity and gives us a reason to update our Facebook statuses.

I heard that in the last months, people joining religious sects has increase 18 percent*. People seem to be under the impression that an absent God will fill that void within our souls, but only I will.

I wish to share with you a story about a boy. A story about a boy who woke up everyday filled with a love for life that blinded him from problems he was nevertheless engulfed by. The boy went to the DMV one day attempting to update his license. He had forgotten proof of address and had to go to the bank to obtain something that stated he was a resident. When he returned to the DMV with said document he was told he needed a document that stated his address AND the logo of the bank. Confounded with the obstacles set before him in order to obtain his license he instead walked outside and willingly into the path of a student driver. He was killed and license-less.

The moral of this story? Well, obviously, don't walk in front of a student driver. They're idiots. Secondly, if you go through life without a problem you'll have no idea how to handle the pressure when a seemingly unsolvable situation arises. Thirdly, this boy's life could have been saved if, when he checked his favorite advice column's weekly update, he could have viewed the struggles of others and connected them to his own life and perceptions.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, send me your questions, problems, opinions, or whatever for next week. Your life may depend on it.

Thank you,

Katy (of Hi Katy)

Sum up your life troubles here: katy@oneyearintexas.com

*fake statistic.


  1. i never realized how miserable i was until i read your column, katy!

    i had a question to ask about what it means when a guy gives you a commemorative spoon as a present (true story! hippies are strange!), but i will save that one for next week.


  3. People don't write you questions because they're assholes!

  4. It's not fake! It was me!!!

  5. When I got my IN license I had to go there three times before I had their precious proper identification. It was maddening.

  6. katy, your DMV horror story is exactly why i never got my license.

  7. Well, the only serious philosophical question after going to the DMV is suicide.


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