By Jake

Is it Monday already? Why, yes it is, I'm sad to say. It was so hot this weekend here in the Chicago-land area. I made some squid pasta last night for dinner and was drenched in sweat by the time I was finished. Then later in the night I had a rootbeer float out of a Big Gulp collector cup (for WWE's Summerslam, of course) and I got a stomach ache from it. Yet, if I had to do it all over again I'd do it in a heartbeat.

junky van
This is a really funky looking van that I always see driving around. I guess the person/people who own it live a block away, because that's where I took the picture at. I'd rather walk every where than drive a van that looked like this (and I wear a Y2K shirt all the time).

Today's Movie Recommendation

This is by far my favorite Blaxploitation film. It stars Isaac Hayes as Mac "Truck" Turner, a bounty hunter who is out to take down a bunch of crazy pimps and hos. They are trying to kill Truck Turner because he's the only man who can take them down. Not to ruin the film for you, but he takes them down in the end. This flick is a lot of fun and has a good score by Hayes.

I decided to post another Pocahaunted video because 1)I love them and 2)it's my post and I can do whatever I want. I like drone music and even make my own every once in a while, but nobody is as good as Pocahaunted. I'm sure all you fucks are too busy listening to Fleet Foxes to watch this video.

Enjoy your Monday...while it lasts.


  1. Why doesn't Pocahaunted just record 3 seconds of music and put it all on one giant loop pedal? It would be the same and less tiring for everyone.

  2. You should listen to their album Island Diamonds, which is their most realized album and songs. Also, it helps if you're extremely stoned when you listen to it. They're basically just background music.

  3. squid pasta?! you're almost as exotic as mikey!


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