By Jake
Hey folks. I got pretty drunk last night while watching UFC and RAW. RAW was okay and the first half of UFC 101, which is all we watched, was pretty weak. This is why there is no true Good Morning post today, and because clearly all the other writers have left, I guess. Ingrid's computer is dead. Glenn is dead. Maddie was getting surgery yesterday. She couldn't eat or write an article. I have no idea what everybody else (Gary) was doing.

In other news, I was considering doing an article where I rate the TV programs on USA. Maybe I'll do that for later in the week.

Excuse the brevity, I'm still kinda drunk.


  1. jake's right. i had my arms amputated yesterday. i can no longer type so i will no longer be writing for OYIT.

  2. I hope that isn't true. I thought you were just getting a hysterectomy.

  3. And I got a vasectomy, which will make many writers on this site very happy.

  4. Dude...I dont even know what I am doing!


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