Top of the Mourn

By Gary

Good mourning. I hope all of you watched America's Got Talent last night, because I sure did. I was sad that Rory the dog missed 3 catches. If you don't know what that means than I guess you will have to watch last night's episode via Hulu.

Website of the day

It's a petition that is actually doing something. I guess it's a benefit of the recession that companies will fear losing business even if it just from an epetition with 75,000 signatures. It's to get advertisers to pull their ads for the Glenn Beck Show and Variety Hour.

Sign it. Gieco just pulled out yesterday.

Wrestling Videos of the Day

I love Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon. They had great chemistry and are just naturally a great foil to each other.

Here's some of their best commentary.

Music Video of the Day

Here's some slightly awkward live sessions with Cage. Featuring the only great song on his new album "Nothing Left to Say" and the decent "I Lost It In Havertown" and the last song is terrible. Nothing left is a great song about trying to help someone overcome the same addictions and vices that he suffered from. Read up on Cage he has a crazy and inspiring story.

Still thinking about my Health Care article that I was going to do over a week...I may or may not do it.

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  1. Bobby Heenan is my all-time favorite commentator. The Royal Rumble that Ric Flair wins is one of his greatest moments.


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