Afternoon Delight

By Jake 

Last night I offered to write this article but all anybody wanted to talk about is group suicide and Judge Joe Brown. You guys want to talk about Joe Brown that's fine, but I don't think political humor is funny. That's why I never watched any of George W. Bush's speeches on TV or any episodes of Judge Joe Brown.

Personally, I'd rather watch/read things where cars talk and can drive themselves or where people in wheelchairs fight ghosts. That's just me. They always say that it takes a village to entertain the nation. OYIT is that small village. Sure, some might make Dennis Miller-esque references to politics or Noam Chomsky books (the ones about politics, not the ones about language), but some people think that's funny. To each their own, I say. Just don't expect me to find it funny.

Likewise, some people don't like when I discuss music. They possibly don't like the music I talk about, or perhaps just don't like music in general. Some people probably still listen to Adam Ant. Could you even imagine?

Hopefully Ingrid will be returning next week. She likes to talk about politics a little bit, too. Although, she mostly likes to talk about wolves. I can get down with that.

I'd like to apologize to the family of Judge Joe Brown for any pain this article may have caused him.


  1. I would guess it took me 15 minutes to write this. So I apologize if it's awful. I just woke up!

  2. geez, sorry i'm letting you all down. you need your wolf updates, and i'm failing you. still no internet at home, and i sort of like it because i don't waste half my life. maybe i could just start writing gm posts three weeks ahead of time when i'm at work!

  3. You obviously could, Ingrid. You should just bite the bullet and get internet!

  4. more wolves! more wolves! but hey babe, this wasn't bad at all.

  5. Bad excuse, Ingrid. I haven't had Internet at home for over a year. But I think writing your GMs three weeks ahead of time will give us marvelous insight into the future. Do it.

  6. I like this post. a "forgotten classic."


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