Monday Morning (Night) Wars

By Jake 

If you came to this Good Morning post hoping to find America's vague weather forecast, then you might as well point your browser toward This post is going to focus on this evenings face off between WWE Monday Night RAW on USA and a special live three hour TNA Impact on Spike.

RAW will see the WWE return of Bret Hart, who has been absent since being screwed (or screwing himself, depending on who you ask) by the owner, Vince McMahon, 12 years ago.

TNA will get the jump on RAW by starting an hour earlier and lasting through the whole show. Hulk Hogan steps into the role as general manager (for lack of a better term) of TNA. TNA president Dixie Carter has stated that Hogan and her are working as a team now on everything from which wrestlers get pushed to the look of the show.

It should be interesting and I'll watch both shows. I'm going to get drunk first, though.

Leave a comment about which show you're going to watch and which one you think will be better or which one was better if you're reading this after you watched both shows.

Oh, and the weather is pretty cold. Are you happy?

Also, make sure to check back later today for the best of early Mikey to celebrate our one year anniversary. We'll have articles all week for that.


  1. I am going to watch Heroes but be thinking about how if Rob Van Dam was on Raw how I would just tivo Heroes and watch raw but i could care less about bret hart unless his story angle is him getting revenge for his brothers death but i think that its in too bad taste... wait its the WWE and Vince, nevermind.

  2. Clearly nobody cares, but the TNA show was like a presentation made by Hogan on what TNA is going to be like now. It was mostly garbage like a lot of guys over 40 showing up, while Hogan keeps acting like he's going to only push young guys. RAW was mostly dumb too, but the Bret Hart stuff was good. He made up with Shawn and Vince.

  3. How can you make up with someone who murdered your brother?


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