One Week In-tertainment (1-02-10)

By Jake 

It's a brand new year and you know what that means: time to attempt to restart the pop culture week in review article. I never really minded doing it, but it was getting hard writing so many articles in a week. Then Kaleena took it over, and although she was a hit as the writer, she quickly bailed on it as if it were hay and she were in a bale off. Hopefully you enjoy it, and please leave a comment no matter what your feelings on this article happen to be.

The Boondocks is coming back to television for a third season, a return date has not yet been set. Hopefully soon!

Jeff Dunham Show was cancelled. Fuck him.

John Gosselin pulled a publicity stunt. He's like Super Dave Osbourne, except Gosselin's stunts involve trashing his own apartment. Still thrilling though.

Somebody peed on Kim Kardashian.

Brittney Spears is back to being a brunette. I think somebody might find that information useful.

Soundsgarden is reuniting. Chris Cornell should be murdered for his work in Audioslave. Or at least forced to be a real slave and clean up our nation's dirty highways.

Charlie Sheen's wife wants to work things out. How cute!

Rosie O'Donnell has a new girlfriend.

Nicole Richie is going to guest judge on Top Model. I basically don't know what that means.

Hopefully you're watching ABC's Better off Ted. It's really fucking funny and fans of Arrested Development would like it.

OYIT favorite Ryan Gosling took his mom as his date to a New Year's Eve party. No word on if they kissed at midnight.

Shania Twain lit the Olympic torch in her hometown (somewhere in fucking Canada). They do Olympics in the winter now?

Dr. Death Steve Williams died over the last week. His doctorate in death is what ultimately killed him.

Thank you and have a great day.


  1. That's a better line on Steve Williams than the one I gave you.

  2. I am watching Better Off Ted. I also highly recommend Modern Family on ABC. Hulu it.

    A minor spelling note: "bail" is a verb, "bale" is dried grass in in packaged form. As a cattle farmer, I know things like this.

  3. Modern Family is a really good show.

  4. "Chris Cornell should be murdered for his work in Audioslave." While in agreement I am shocked at no mention of his astonishingly offensive solo album this year?!?!

    Also, I gave MF one not very good chance, and loved Ed O'Neill but found the 'straight family' insufferably unentertaining, and the 'real' gay family to be not far enough removed from Will & Grace characture (most of the jokes were ostensibly on there, well, gayness.) BUT I only watched a majority of ONE episode, and it was critically acclaimed and recommended by people I respect, so maybe I am just giving it the 'Community' treatment and need to invest some time into liking it.

  5. i love the new name but am slightly annoyed you told everyone i peed on kim kardashian. i told you that in confidence.

  6. Bub, the Christmas episode of MF is amazing. Watch it.


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